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Cassell Coliseum is home to a quaint atmosphere that you’ll only find in a select few arenas around the country. One of the things that sets apart Cassell Coliseum from other venues around the country is the arena’s wood seats and architecture. The arena is a throwback to the days gone by and as a result provides a fun and unique atmosphere.

Hokies fans also help create a fun atmosphere inside Cassell Coliseum. Virginia Tech hasn’t had a lot of success in basketball in a long time, but that doesn’t stop the arena from rocking when big name opponents are in town. Cassell Coliseum is buzzing when instate rivals Virginia, Duke, or North Carolina are in town.

Virginia Tech is also home to a gorgeous campus that anyone making the trip to Blacksburg should explore when in town. The gothic architecture and Hokie Stone buildings will appeal to architecture enthusiasts, and if you’re just looking for some nearby bars and restaurants, you’ll find plenty of those too. Hokie House is one of the best places to grab a drink or a burger, and there are lots of other good options nearby including Mike’s Grille and PK’s Bar & Grille.

You’ll enjoy your trip to Virginia Tech where you’ll experience a one of a kind arena, some excellent fan support, and great architecture

Things to check out

Hokie Stone

Hokie Stone can be found all around the Virginia Tech campus and Cassell Coliseum is no exception. Inside Cassell Coliseum you can see several examples of the famous Virginia Tech building material, so take a walk of the concourse and check out the Hokie Stone inside the arena.

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Retired Numbers and Banners

Cassell Coliseum is home to several banners showcasing Hokies basketball history. The banners honor all of Virginia Tech’s best teams and pay tribute to the best players in Hokies basketball history including Dell Curry and Bimbo Coles.

Wooden Seats

The wooden seats inside Cassell Coliseum give the arena a great vintage feel that you will only find in a few other arenas. The seats here along with the general architecture of the stadium give Cassell Coliseum a unique feel you won’t find anywhere else.

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The Hokie Pokie

This famous dance is a time-honored tradition at Virginia Tech, where you’ll catch the everyone in the crowd putting their right foot in and shaking it all about. Join in the Hokie Pokie at a Virginia Tech basketball game to show off your Hokies pride.

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HokieBird is the official mascot of Virginia Tech. The concept behind HokieBird dates back to the previous the school’s former nickname, the Fighting Gobblers. Since debuting in 1981 HokieBird has built up quite a reputation and has even been named one of the top mascots in college football. He plays an active role in the Virginia Tech game day experience, so don’t miss his antics when attending a Virginia Tech basketball game.

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Cassell Guard

Virginia Tech students provide incredible fan support to the football team, and it is no different when it comes to basketball. The Cassell Guard remains loud throughout the game and is a big part of what makes the atmosphere inside Cassell Coliseum so electric, so enjoy the atmosphere they provide at a Hokies basketball game.

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Turkey Gobble

Every once in awhile a turkey gobble is played over the PA system to pump up the crowd. This tradition started in memory of Floyd “Hard Times” Meade, who was adopted by the Virginia Tech Corp of Cadets and became the school’s first mascot in the 19th century and later brought live turkeys to the game.

Fight Songs

  1. Tech Triumph

    Techmen, we’re Techmen, with spirit true and faithful,
    Backing up our team with hopes undying;
    Techmen, Oh, Techmen, we’re out to win today,
    Showing “pep” and life with which we’re trying;
    V. P., old V. P. You know our hearts are with you,
    In our luck which never seems to die;
    Win or lose we’ll greet you with a glad returning,
    You’re the pride of V. P. I.

    Just watch our men so big and active,
    Support the Orange and Maroon,
    Let’s go, Techs! We know our ends and backs are stronger,
    With winning hopes, we fear defeat no longer,
    To see our team plow through the line, boys,
    Determined now to win or die;
    So give a Hokie, Hokie, Hokie, Hi!
    Rae, Ri, old V. P. I.

    Fight men, Oh, fight men! we’re going to be champions,
    Adding to our list another vict’ry;
    Football or baseball, the games in which we star,
    They’re the sports that made old V. P. famous.
    Hold them, just hold them! Your know the corps’ behind you,
    Watching ev’ry movement that you make;
    Winning games was nothing for our teams before us,
    Keep the “rep” for V. P’s. sake.

  2. Alma Mater

    Sing praise to Alma Mater dear,
    For V.P.I. we’ll ever cheer;
    Come lift your voices, swell the song,
    Our loyalties to her belong.

    So stand and sing, all hail to thee.
    V.P., all hail to thee.

    The Orange and Maroon you see,
    That’s fighting on to victory;
    Our strife will not be long this day,
    For glory lies within this fray.

    All loyal sons and daughters, one,
    We raise our banner to the sun;
    Our motto brings a spirit true,
    That we may ever serve you.

  3. Carry Me Back

    Carry me back to old Virginia,
    There’s where the cotton and the corn and taters grow,
    There’s where the birds warble sweet in the springtime,
    There’s where this old darkey’s heart am long’d to go,
    There’s where I labored so hard for old massa,
    Day after day in the field of yellow corn,
    No place on earth do I love more sincerely
    Than old Virginia, the state where I was born.

  4. VPI Victory March

    You’ve seen Mountaineers fumble,
    You’ve been in Hurricanes’ eye,
    And you know ‘ol Syracuse
    Has learned the force of Hokie-Hi.
    Worthy teams from all around,
    Like Hoos from UVA,
    Know a winning team awaits them;
    Victory is ours today.

    Break Strain:
    GO, TECH!
    GO, TECH!
    H-O-K-I-E-S, HOKIES!

    (Repeat Verse)

  5. Let’s Go/ Hokies Cheer

    The most famous pre-game cheer where half of the stadium chants “LET’S GO” while the other half yells “HOKIES.”

    Let’s Go!
    Let’s Go!
    Let’s Go!

  6. Stick it in Chant

    This now banned chant where students would dance and sing the “the hole” six times followed by every yelling “Stick it in! Stick it in! Stick it in!” can still be found on t-shirts.

    Stick it in! Stick it in! Stick it in!

  7. Old Hokie

    ONE, TWO! ONE, TWO!”
    Hokie Hokie Hokie Hy
    Tech Tech V.P.I!
    Solah-Rex, Solah-Rah
    Polytech Vir-gin-ia
    Ray Rah V.P.I.
    Team! Team! Team!
    <gobble noises>

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