There is  lots of pride and passion on display whenever the Hokies play as Hokies fans are very loyal to their team. Everywhere you look at a Virginia Tech tailgate, you’ll see fans adorn in the traditional colors of maroon and orange. Often there will be a Maroon Effect or Orange Effect going on for the game, so make sure to wear the right color so you’ll fit in at the tailgate.

A Virginia Tech tailgate has a lot to offer as people come from far and wide to root on their Hokies to victory. Here you’ll find a wide variety of both breakfast and lunch/dinner foods that are sure to leave you feeling full. You can start off the tailgate with a breakfast consisting of pancakes and biscuits before later filling up on some Hokie fan favorites like sweet potato fries, bacon wrapped corn and pulled pork sandwiches.

You’ll find lots of Virginia Tech pride and great food at a Hokies tailgate, so arrive early and take full advantage of everything the tailgate has to offer.


Team Walk

Before every game the Highty-Tighties marching band leads the Hokies football team from the Athletic Center to Lane stadium. Stop by and cheer on the Hokies as they make their way to the stadium.

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Turkey Legs

Turkey legs are a popular food at Virginia Tech. If you want to make friends quickly and fit in at a Hokies tailgate, then make sure to serve turkey legs as they’ll be a huge hit.

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Where to tailgate

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