1. Deacon Tower

Deacon Tower stands as the centerpiece of the Wake Forest football complex and is one of the most beautiful press facilities in the nation. The seven-story tower completed in 2008 is home to the luxury suites, club seats, and press boxes at BB&T Field. If you ever get the chance to take in a Wake Forest from Deacon Tower make sure you take it as it offers a one of a kind view that can’t be found anywhere else.

2. Tobacco Road

Wake Forest is one of the four schools along with Duke, NC State, and North Carolina that make up Tobacco Road. Tobacco Road is the name given to the four-way rivalry that exists between these schools in football, basketball, and baseball. Wake Forest has swept the season series amongst these schools seven times with the most recent coming in 2007. Games involving the Demon Deacons and a fellow Tobacco Road member are fierce contests that will entertain the heartiest of college football fans.

3. Strong Fan Support

Despite being the sixth smallest school in the FBS and the smallest in a BCS conference, Wake Forest has a tremendous amount of fan support. The fans here really get behind their team win or lose and have even earned the title of having the best attendance based on a percentage of capacity from 2006 to 2009. The Deacons averaged over 100 percent of capacity each year during that stretch showing their pride and dedication to the team.

4. Stadium Village

Wake Forest’s basketball, baseball, football and tennis facilities are all located within a large complex east of the main campus. This Demon Deacons sporting epicenter creates a unique feeling of unity between all the sports as it brings them together in one place. The close proximity of the sporting venues at Wake Forest make it easy to mingle with fellow fans regardless of what team you’re there to support.

5. The Grille at the Tower

The Grille at Deacon Tower offers a unique way for fans to enjoy the game as it offers a full service sit down restaurant inside of the stadium. The Grille is open on game days to those with club seats or a suite and offers American cuisine that uses fresh locally grown ingredients. If you’re looking for something to eat during the game and aren’t afraid to open your wallet, then the Grille at Deacon Tower is the place for you.

6. Open the Gate

.One of the biggest traditions at Wake Forest is “Open the Gate” where a famous alumni leads the team onto the field on a Harley. Past honorees include sports legends such as Arnold Palmer and Tim Duncan as well as other alumni who have accomplished great things in their lives. Keep your eyes peeled as you’ll never know who will open the gate at the next Demon Deacons home game.

7. Demon Deacon

The nickname Demon Deacons originated in 1923 when the school paper referred to the team as the Demon Deacons due to their devilish play. However, it wasn’t until 1941 that the Demon Deacons mascot made his first appearance when Jack Baldwin led the team onto the field riding the North Carolina ram while dressed as the now famous character. The mascot has been a mainstay ever since and is sure to provide plenty of entertainment at any Wake Forest sporting event, so keep your eyes open for him throughout the game.

8. Student Fan Engagement

The football program here does a lot to get and keep students engaged with the team ranging from the “Wake Will” and “Wake the Demon” marketing campaigns to the school’s usage of in-game social media. The Demon Deacons aren’t afraid to use different techniques to keep fans entertains, and it has proven successful as Wake Forest has one of the strongest fans bases given the school’s relatively small size.

9. Tailgate Town

The Lowes Foods Deacon Tailgate Town on Baity Street is a great place to go before the game. It offers a wide variety of food, games, live music, and a live radio show. Tailgate Town opens three hours before kickoff, so if you’re looking for something to do before the game make sure to check it out.

10. Game Day Food

Wake Forest tailgates offer many North Carolina specific foods, which help create a tailgate atmosphere unique to North Carolina. Here you’ll find plenty of barbecue as well as spicy foods to fill up on, including stuffed hot peppers and hot wings. Grab a beer and a bite to eat before the game as the fans here are more than welcoming.

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