1. Washington Athletics Hall of Fame

Make sure to check out the Washington Athletics Hall of Fame when attending a Huskies basketball game. The Hall of Fame is home to bowl trophies, pictures, and tons of memorabilia from over the years, so take some time before the game to visit the Hall of Fame.

2. The Wave

The famous fan gesture originated at Husky Stadium and has become a big part of Huskies games as well as sporting events everywhere. It’s fully present at Hec Edmundson Pavilion and can be seen numerous times throughout games, so join in on the fun.

3. Husky Statue

Right in front of the main entrance of Hec Edmundson Pavilion is a statue of a husky. The statue presents an excellent photo op, which makes a great souvenir of your trip to Seattle.

4. Harry the Husky

A costumed Harry the Husky has been appearing at Washington basketball games since 1995 and is one of the signature components of any Huskies basketball game. Harry entertains the crowd by engaging in a variety of antics, so keep your eyes out for him at the game.

5. Student Section

Hec Edmundson Pavilion is home to a wild and crazy student section. The Washington student section is loud as can be and come to every game decked out in purple and gold as well as all kinds of crazy costumes. Enjoy the atmosphere created by the student section when attending a Huskies basketball game.

6. Washington-Washington State Rivalry

The Huskies and Cougars have a long-running rivalry that dates back to the 1909-10 season. The two teams have met every year since 1916-17 and have almost as strong a rivalry on the hardwood as on the gridiron, so don’t miss it when these two Evergreen State rivals square off.

7. Huskies Team Shop

Hec Edmundson Pavilion is home to an impressive team shop. The team shop here features a variety of shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, hats, and much more. If you’re looking to pick up a souvenir from your trip, there is no better place to do so than the Huskies Team Shop.

8. Washington-Oregon Rivalry

The Washington-Oregon rivalry is a fierce one on both the gridiron and hardwood. The football rivalry between the two may get the majority of the press, but there is lots of bad blood when these two meet on the court as well. Make sure to be in attendance when the Ducks come to town if you want to see a great matchup at Hec Edmundson Pavilion.

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