1. Racing Presidents

The race pits Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson, and Teddy Roosevelt against each other and is a must-see for anyone making the trip to Nationals Park. Make sure to stay in your seat during the middle of the 4th inning, so you don’t miss this Nats tradition.

2. Player Statues

Celebrate Washington’s rich baseball history by checking out the statues of Walter Johnson, Frank Howard, and Josh Gibson as you make your way into the stadium. The statues are located outside the home plate entrance and are a must-see for baseball fans.

3. D.C. Baseball Timeline

Make sure to check out the D.C. baseball timeline. The timeline is located near the player statues and does an excellent job of telling the story of baseball in D.C.

4. The Bullpen

The Bullpen features lines of cornhole games, domestic and imported brews, and game day favorites out on the grills before the stadium opens for batting practice. If you’re looking to get the traditional tailgating experience at Nationals Park, then look no further than The Bullpen.

5. Signature Sundays

Sunday has become one of the best days to go to MLB games across the country as most teams play 12 pm games and set up special events for the kids and families. The Nats Signature Sundays allow kids to get autographs from their favorite players and is an excellent opportunity for them to meet their heroes.

6. Chair of Honor

The Chair of Honor is left empty at every game and serves as a reminder of those who went missing in action. Stop by and see the Chair of Honor to pay tribute to the brave men and women of the military.

7. Cherry Blossom Trees

Cherry blossom trees are one of the iconic parts of Washington D.C. and you can see the beautiful trees inside of Nationals Park. The trees are located in the Center Field Plaza and left field, so check them out during your trip to Nationals Park.

8. Screech

Screech is the official mascot of the Washington Nationals and can be seen entertaining fans young and old at Nationals games. The fans love Screech especially kids, so if you see him make sure to get a picture.

The Red Porch

One of the best things about Nationals Park is the Red Porch located in the batter’s eye in center field.  The party deck is a great place to grab food or drinks at the ballpark and offers an incredible view of the entire stadium; you can easily see the entire field of play as well as both bullpens making it a place where lots of Nats fans congregate during the game.

10. NatPack

The NatPack hosts a variety of promotions throughout the game. Keep an eye out for the NatPack and your chance to win some great prizes.

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