1. Chief Zee

Chief Zee is a famous Washington Redskins superfan. He attends every Redskins game dressed in a faux headdress and a red jacket. He has appeared in several commercials and is even in the Pro Football Hall of Fame as the Washington Redskins biggest fan. Make sure to get a picture with Chief Zee if you want to get the full Redskins experience.

2. Hogettes

The Hogettes may have retired following the 2012 season. However, they remain a huge part of Redskins and even more importantly raised a lot of money for charity. Beginning in 1983 a group of Redskins fans decided to wear dresses and pig snouts to cheer on the Skins. The pig snouts and name is a reference to the great Redskins offensive lines of the era that was nicknamed the Hogs.

3. AAA Ultimate Fan Zone

The AAA Ultimate Fan Zone offers a variety of excellent pre-game activities including live entertainment and drinks. The Fan Zone will also give you the chance to meet cheerleaders and former Redskins greats as well. Make sure to join the AAA Ultimate Fan Zone if you want to get the most out of your Redskins game day experience.

4. Redskins Band

The Redskins Band is the oldest marching band in the history of the NFL having been founded in 1937. The band still performs every game and is most famous for playing “Hail to the Redskins” after each and every Redskins score. The Redskins Band is a great Redskins tradition that all fans should take in at least once.

5. “Punter Proof” Video Boards

The Redskins replaced their old video scoreboards with ones three times the size of the originals in 2010. The Redskins also used this as an opportunity to take a jab at their biggest rivals, the Dallas Cowboys, by announcing that the scoreboards are “punter proof.” The new scoreboards at FedExField provide the fans great replays of the game and also offer lots of in-game entertainment as well.

6. Hooters Club Level

The Hooters Club Level located between sections 314 and 315, offers a great place to grab some beer and wings while watching the game. It’s also a great place to catch up on what is going on around the league as The Hooters Club gives fans the entire Hooters experience, while also allowing them to attend the game.

7. Solar Operation

Over 8,000 solar panels were installed at FedExField in 2011 part of the Redskins’ plan to make the stadium greener. These solar panels are the largest solar power installation in D.C. and can meet 20% of the stadium’s game day energy needs.

8. Touchdown Club

The Touchdown Club offers fans a great Lower Level sideline view, pre-game on-field passes, and away game travel.  Members also can attend a fully catered VIP tailgate located in the Hall of Fame Plaza. If you want to experience a Redskins game day in style make sure to join the Touchdown Club.

9. Stadium Tours

The FedExField stadium tours provide fans the opportunity to experience all sorts of sights and sounds that you would not usually be able to see including the press box, interview room, and locker room. They even give fans the opportunity to step foot on the same field that their favorite Redskins players play on every week. FedExField stadium is perfect for any diehard Redskins fan out there.

10. Winning History

Although they have had a few rough seasons lately, the Redskins are still one of the most accomplished teams in NFL history having won 3 Super Bowls and 5 NFL championships. The strong history of the Washington Redskins has helped them build up a strong fanbase that will root on the team win or lose.

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