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Washington State fans are some of the most welcoming in college basketball, which makes attending a game at Beasley Coliseum a great experience. The Cougars even go as far as allowing anyone who wants to join the ZZU CRU student group. Memberships cost $10, and you’ll receive a t-shirt making joining the ZZU CRU a no-brainer for anyone looking to pick up a souvenir from their trip to Pullman.

In addition to being very hospitable, you’ll also find that Cougars fans can really rock an arena when the team is doing well, and it’s an important game. Washington State fans love to come out and cheer on their team. Unfortunately, they haven’t had a lot to cheer about over the years.

Finally, Pullman is a fun college town full of bars and restaurants, so take some time to check out the area and grab a bite to eat. Cougar Country Drive-In and The Coug are especially great places to try if you want to get the full Washington State feel.

A trip to Pullman is a fun trip for everyone looking to visit all of the Pac-12 arenas. You’ll find lots of friendly people and a fun College-town-feel making the trip well worth your time.

Things to check out

Friel Court

The court inside Beasley Coliseum is named after legendary Cougars basketball coach Jack Friel. Friel won 495 games during his 30 years at WSU, and the court is one of only a few in NCAA Division I basketball to feature a parquet floor, so check it out.

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Hanging from the rafters of Beasley Coliseum are banners honoring the Cougars 1917 national championship winning team as well as the 1941 Final Four team. Check out the banners to see all of the accomplishments of the Cougars basketball program.

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Butch T. Cougar

Butch has been a costumed mascot since 1978 when it replaced the final live cougar mascot, Butch VI. Throughout games, Butch entertains the fans by leading chants and throwing t-shirts into the stands. Look for Butch to entertain fans young and old when attending a Washington State basketball game.

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The ZZU CRU student fan club is a great way for Cougars fans to show their support for Washington State basketball. The club costs $10 to enter and has over 2,750 members. Members receive all kinds of benefits and can win a variety of prizes making it an excellent club to join. Anyone can join, so even if you just want a ZZU CRU shirt, join the club and show off your Cougars pride.

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Fight Songs

  1. Washington State Fight Song

    Fight, fight, fight for Washington State!
    Win the victory!
    Win the day for Crimson and Gray!
    Best in the West,
    we know you’ll all do your best,
    so On, on, on, on! Fight to the end!
    Honor and Glory you must win!
    So Fight, fight, fight for Washington State
    and victory!

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