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Martin Stadium provides a nice close-knit community environment for fans due to its small size and the close ties that bond Cougars fans. There isn’t a bad seat in the house here as the stadium’s smaller size means no matter where you sit you’ll be close to the action.

WSU fans are as close to SEC fans as you’ll find in the Pac-12, the fans here love to party and show their support for the Cougars. The crowds at Cougars games are very loud as the metal bleachers help to amplify the noise. The student section, in particular, shows strong vocal support for the team, which helps motivate the rest of the crowd.

One of the biggest traditions at Washington State is waving the flag. You’ll find the flag is a huge part of Cougars fan culture. You’ll see Cougars flags being flown all throughout the game, as the fans cheer on their team. The flag has even grown to such a big part of the school’s culture that it can be seen every Saturday ESPN College GameDay despite the fact the show has never been at Washington State.

You’ll love the loud atmosphere at Martin Stadium as it’s a must see for all big time college football fans and don’t forget to bring your flags so you’ll fit right in.

Things to check out

Football Operations Center

A new addition to Martin Stadium that’s improving the stadium’s overall look. It provides a new home for the football program featuring new lockers, offices, meeting rooms, and training areas. It will also house a WSU Football heritage area.

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New Press Box and Luxury Seating Structure

The south side of the stadium now has a huge new structure that includes a lot of goodies for the fans. It’s three stories high and spans almost the entire sideline. It includes luxury suites, club seating, loge boxes, a press box, and TV/radio booths.


Butch has been the WSU costumed mascot since 1978 when it replaced the final live cougar mascot, Butch VI. Throughout games, Butch entertains the fans by leading chants and throwing t-shirts into the stands. Look for Butch to entertain fans young and old when attending a Washington State football game.

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Marching Band

The Cougars Marching Band features almost 200 members and performs at every Cougars home football game. Stay in your seat at halftime to watch their wonderful performance.

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Fight Songs

  1. WSU Fight Song

    Fight, fight, fight for Washington State!  

    Win the victory!

    Win the day for Crimson and Gray!  

    Best in the West,  

    we know you’ll all do your best,

    so On, on, on, on! Fight to the end!  

    Honor and Glory you must win!  

    So Fight, fight, fight for Washington State  

    and victory!

  2. Hail Washington

    All hail to Washington State,

    Her Cougar Spirits inspire us.

    Praises we’ll gladly sing,

    To honor her today.

    All hail to Washington State,

    Her glory leads on before us.

    Courage will win for Crimson and the Gray.

  3. Washington, My Washington

    Washington, my Washington,
    the Crimson and the Gray!
    Tis the songs of memory that we sing today.
    When the sad hours come to you
    and Sorrows ’round you play, just
    Sing the songs of Washington,
    the Crimson and the Gray, just
    Sing the songs of Washington,
    the Crimson and the Gray!

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