The overall atmosphere found at a Washington State tailgate is a very comforting, as fans are not overly rambunctious and take preparing food very seriously. The seriousness of the cuisine can be seen by all the different food trucks that are stationed in Hollingbery Fieldhouse. Here you’ll be able to find almost any kind of food you can image, so make sure to stop by if you’re looking for a pregame snack or meal.

Leading up to the game fans can be seen all throughout campus wearing Crimson and Gray in support of the Cougars. Another thing you’ll notice in Pullman on game day is that there are lots of RVs near campus. RVs are a big part of tailgating at WSUas Cougars fans are known for their trademark RV tailgating. Hit up the RV tailgating if you want to get in on the Cougars tailgating spirit.

If you’re looking to have fun before attending a game, then a Washington State tailgate  is a great place to be. The fans here are friendly and willing to share food and drinks as long as you bring some to share as well. Also, there is no shortage of Cougar pride in Pullman as the town lives and dies with the Cougars.


Hollingbery Fieldhouse Tailgate

The Food Fair at Hollingbery Fieldhouse opens three hours before kickoff. Here you’ll find a wide variety of vendors selling food and beverage beyond what you would typically find in the stadium.

The Victory Bell

The Bell first rang in 1892 when it was installed to signal the change of classes. In 1930, the bell was moved to the top of College Hall, and is present now in the Lewis Alumni Centre, and traditionally rings after each home football game win.

Waving the Flag

One of the biggest traditions at Washington State is waving the flag. You’ll find the flag is a huge part of Cougars fan culture. You’ll see Cougars flags being flown all throughout the game, as the fans cheer on their team. The flag has even grown to such a big part of the school’s culture that it can be seen every Saturday on ESPN College GameDay despite the fact the show has never been at Washington State.

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Washington State is located in the fairly remote Pullman, Washington meaning that homecoming is one of the few times alumni return. Therefore Cougars fans put on one of the best homecoming displays with alumni coming from all over the country. Arrive early in the week to take part in all the fun homecoming activities Washington State has to offer including the bonfire and Homecoming Day Celebration.

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Where to tailgate

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