1. Bronze Cougar Statue

In 2008, an 11-foot-tall bronze statue of a cougar was installed outside the ticket office. The “Cougar Pride” statue is a newer addition to the stadium, although not the newest, and is already a traditional place for fans to take pictures before and after the game.

2. New Press Box and Luxury Seating Structure

The 2012 season saw the unveiling of a massive new structure on the south side of the stadium. Three stories high and spanning almost the entire sideline, the new facility houses luxury suites, club seating, loge boxes, a press box, and TV/radio booths. The addition upgraded the small stadium and also enclosed the stadium more, making the already-intimate atmosphere louder and rowdier for fans.

3. Football Operations Building

Making its debut in time for the 2014 football season, the Football Operations Building is another addition to Martin Stadium that will improve the overall look of the older stadium and provide a home for the football program with new lockers, offices, meeting rooms, and training areas. The building will also house a WSU Football heritage area and a game-day home for Gray W former letter winners.

4. Glenn Johnson

Glenn Johnson was a professor at WSU’s College of Communication for 35 years and has been the “Voice of the Cougs” since 1980. He is also serving his third term as Mayor of Pullman, which is considered a part-time job in the small city of only 31,000. Johnson leads the crowd in a cheer on first-down when he says, “And that’s another…” and the crowd responds, “COUGAR FIRST DOWN.”

5. Hollingbery Fieldhouse Tailgate

The Food Fair at Hollingbery Fieldhouse opens three hours before kickoff. Here you’ll find a wide variety of vendors selling food and beverage beyond what you would typically find in the stadium.

6. RV Lot Tailgating

There are eight distinct regions for RV parking, and RV tailgating is something that is unique to WSU. You have to purchase a permit to park, but they can be found closer to game day on sites like Craigslist. The RV lot tailgaters have it down to a fine science and are a great crowd to be around.

7. Wave the Flag

This expression is more than just that since it means something different to each Cougar fan. Waving the Flag creates a unique bond that connects Cougar fans to each other, even across the world.


8. Butch T Cougar

Butch has been a costumed mascot since 1978 when it replaced the final live cougar mascot, Butch VI. Throughout games, Butch entertains the fans by leading chants and throwing t-shirts into the stands. Look for Butch to entertain fans young and old when attending a Washington State football game.

9. Cougar Marching Band

The Cougars Marching Band features almost 200 members and performs at every Cougars home football game. Stay in your seat at halftime to watch their wonderful performance.

10. The Victory Bell

The Bell first started ringing in 1892 when it was originally installed to signal the change of classes. In 1930, it was moved to the top of College Hall and was to be rung after every home football victory. It is now located at the Lewis Alumni Centre and continues to ring as tradition dictates after every home victory.

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