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The Weber State Wildcats made the playoffs last year sparking a lot of buzz surrounding the team. Fans from all over the Ogden area come out to cheer on the Wildcats on game day creating a festive environment inside Stewart Stadium.

The fans aren’t the only ones who help make a trip to Ogden a memorable experience. Weber State games also feature lots of pageantry and traditions. The Weber State Wildcat Band puts on a fantastic show, and the mascot and cheer squad are great as well. You’ll also enjoy the ringing of the Victory Bell after every Wildcats score, which helps work the crowd into a frenzy.

A Weber State Wildcats game is a fun experience for any FCS football fan putting a trip to Stewart Stadium on the list of things to do for football fans in the Ogden area.

Things to check out

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Victory Bell

Listen for the ring of the Victory Bell following every Wildcats score. The Victory Bell has long been a part of Wildcats sporting events having debuted in 1939.

Weber State Wildcat Band

The Weber State Wildcat Band brings the noise at Weber State football games. The band puts on a fantastic show you won’t want to miss, so take your seat early and stay in your seat at halftime to see both the pregame and halftime shows.

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Waldo the Wildcat

Waldo the Wildcat is a big part of any Weber State football game, so be on the lookout for this beloved mascot during your trip to Ogden. Waldo gets into all kinds of shenanigans during the game making him a must-see no matter what your age.

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The Weber State cheerleaders put on an impressive show and do a superb job of keeping the crowd in the game. No matter what the score, you’ll be impressed by the performance of the Weber State cheerleaders making them a can’t miss part of any Wildcats football game.

Fight Songs

  1. Weber State Fight Song

    We are the Wildcats, scratching, snarling,
    We’re gonna win this game.
    Upward and onward fighting Wildcats,
    With pride and honor, on to fame,
    And we’ll never quit till we have won,
    So purple and white reign, ‘cause
    We will growl, snarl, and show how we rate:
    For we are…Weber State, Weber State,
    Great! Great! Great!
    Weber State, Weber State,
    Great! Great! Great!
    Weber State, Weber State,
    Great! Great! Great!

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