Tailgating may not be a big part of attending a game at Weber State, but you’ll still have plenty of fun enjoying the pregame atmosphere. The band and cheer team show before the game is an excellent way to get in the game day spirit and is one of the best parts of the pregame festivities. Fans taking kids to the game will also enjoy the opportunity to let their kids enjoy some inflatables slides and other activities before the game.

If you’re looking to enjoy some traditional tailgating, then set up a small grill in the parking lot and enjoy grilling out with your friends. While tailgating isn’t a big deal at Weber State football games, the rules regarding tailgating here aren’t super strict either.

You’ll have an enjoyable time tailgating before a Weber State game, so get here a bit early and enjoy the pre-game festivities surrounding the game.


Band and Cheer Performance

Don’t miss the band and cheer squad’s performance outside the stadium before the game. The show is a can’t miss part of the Weber State pre-game experience, so make sure to check it out.

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Those of you who are bringing the kids to the game will want to check out the inflatables at the Weber State tailgate. The inflatables are an excellent way for kids to work off their excess energy before the game as well as a fun part of the pregame festivities.

Where to tailgate

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