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The Pride of West Virginia gets the game started off on the right foot with their tremendous pregame performance. Their signature formation is the state outline of West Virginia, which they take during the playing “Hail West Virginia.” It’s a sight to behold and will really get you pumped to cheer on the Mountaineers when they enter the field.

Another aspect of attending a Mountaineers game that makes it a great game day experience is the fans. The West Virginia fans are extremely passionate and come from all over the state to cheer on their Mountaineers. There are no professional teams in West Virginia, so you’ll find that West Virginians live and die with the Mountaineers.

In addition to being very passionate, you’ll also find that Mountaineers fans are very vocal in their support of their team. The fans here don’t hesitate to trash talk or give opposing players hell, so don’t be afraid to heckle the opposition as it is something that is encouraged here. Mountaineers fans are one of the main draws to attending a West Virginia football game, so you’ll have a great time getting to know the people and making friends with your new Mountaineer friends.

Things to check out

Donald J. Brohard Hall of Traditions

Fans have loved stopping in the Hall of Traditions since it opened at Milan Puskar Stadium in 2006. It is filled with interactive displays, videos, photos, records, and more that contain the history of Mountaineer football. It is open to fans before home games at the stadium, so stop by if you get the chance.

The Pride State Formation

Dubbed “The Pride of West Virginia” is WVU’s marching band which proudly falls into formation of the state of West Virginia and marches to the end zone before each Mountaineer home game

Gold Rush

Going back to 2007 there has been at least one Gold Rush home game where everyone in attendances dresses in gold. The tradition was modeled after Penn State’s whiteout tradition and has brought the Mountaineers success in short existence as the team is 5-2 during Gold Rush games.

Coonskin Caps

Many fans show their Mountaineer pride by wearing coonskin hats to the games. Put on your coonskin hat and join in on the fun that is a Mountaineers football game.

Firing the Rifle

The Mountaineer Mascot carries a period rifle and powder horn which is used to fire a single shot to signal to the start of home football games. The rifle is also fired to celebrate WVU scores as well.

Fight Songs

  1. Fight, Mountaineers

    Fight, fight, fight, fight, Mountaineers! We’re here to cheer for you. Take that old ball down the field.
    We’re putting our faith in you. Play that team right off its feet. You can’t be beat we know. And when the game is through, we’ll all cheer for you.
    West Virginia, West Virginia, rah!

  2. WVU Alma Mater

    Alma, our alma mater
    The home of Mountaineers Sing we of thy honor
    Everlasting through the years.
    Alma, our alma mater
    We pledge in song to you
    Hail all hail our alma mater West Virginia U!

  3. Take Me Home, Country Roads

    WVU has taken this famous song released by John Denver as its own. Denver's song is one of the many songs played at home games and he was the 1980 stadium opening to dedicate the song to the team. Join in on the singing of Take Me Home, Country Roads to really feel apart of the West Virginia crowd.

    Almost heaven, West Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River
    Life is old there, older than the trees
    Younger than the mountains, growin’ like a breeze.

    (Chorus) Country roads, take me home to the place I belong
    West Virginia, mountain mama, take me home, country roads.
    All my memories gather round her
    Miner’s lady, stranger to blue water
    Dark and dusty, painted on the sky
    Misty taste of moonshine, teardrop in my eye.

    I hear her voice in the morning hour she calls me
    The radio reminds me of my home far away
    And driving down the road I get the feeling That I should have been home yesterday, yesterday.
    (Chorus ~ twice)

  4. Let’s Go...Mountaineers!

    During home WVU games, fans square off in a cheering challenge. One side of the stadium shouts “Let’s go!” and the other follows with “Mountaineers!” which is led by the cheerleading squad and mascot.

    Let’s go!
    Let’s go!
    Let’s go!
    Let’s go!
    Let’s go!
    Let’s go!

  5. First Down Cheer

    Prior to the announcement of a first down, Mountaineer fans raise their hands and cheer in unison until the first down is called. Following the call, fans will lift their arms up and down three times, clap, and chant “W-V-U! First down!”

    W-V-U! First down!

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