Tailgating is a big part of gameday culture at Western Kentucky meaning you’ll find a wide variety of different tailgates that all offer something a little bit different. The students love to get wild and party hard before the game, however, never fear if you’re coming with your family to the game Western Kentucky offers plenty of family-friendly pregame activities as well.

Each gameday the students, including the fraternities and sororities, meet on “The Hill” even in the pouring rain, pop off their shirts, break out the coolers and boom boxes, and throw one of the wildest parties the south has ever seen. It looks like a music video, people everywhere, music so loud you can’t hear, and red solo cups as far as the eye can see. If you need something to wet your whistle you can find it here, whatever your taste may be.

While there are plenty of pregame options for those looking to party hard the school has also set up an area that the whole family can enjoy. Topper Town is a kids feature inflatables and sorts of family activities. If you’re bringing the little ones to a Western Kentucky game, then make sure to stop by Topper Town where the kids will have a blast.

Western Kentucky fans also love to show off their Hilltoppers pride and there is no better way to do so then by attending the Topper Walk. The Topper Walk starts two and a half hours before kickoff and allows fans to cheer on the team as they make their way into the stadium.
No matter what your tailgating scene you’ll have a blast tailgating at Western Kentucky.


Big Red Statue

When at Western Kentucky make sure and snap a picture with the Big Red statue. If you can’t get a picture with the real deal then this is the next best option, so stop by and show off your Hilltoppers pride by grabbing a pic with this statue of the iconic mascot.

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Red Towel Sculpture

Before heading onto the field all the players touch the Red Towel sculpture located in front of Diddle Arena. The sculpture is a full-scale replica of Coach Diddle’s towel and is a must see for all Western Kentucky fans.

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Topper Walk

Come on out and cheer on the entire WKU football team as they enter the stadium two hours and a half hours before kickoff. Topper Walk starts on Avenue of Champions where the team buses will drop off the players and coaches so they can walk into the stadium alongside the WKU cheerleaders, Topperettes, the marching band, and Big Red.

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The Hill

If you’re looking for the wildest tailgating action Western Kentucky has to offer then look no further than The Hill. The Hill is a popular student tailgate spot where you’ll find students drinking and getting rowdy before the game, so make sure to stop by if you’re looking for a wild and fun tailgating experience.

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Topper Town

If you’re bringing the entire family to the tailgate then there is no better place to be before the game than Topper Town. Here you’ll find a bunch of fun activities that the entire family can take part in including inflatables and face painting. The fun starts three hours before the game kicks off and is free to enter, so make sure to stop by Topper Town located at the center of the campus on the lawn of Bates Runner Hall off of the Avenue of Champions.

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Where to tailgate

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