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University Arena may not be flashy, but the old school line it up and play atmosphere makes it one of the best places to take in a basketball game in the MAC. The quaint atmosphere inside University Arena is one of a kind and is one of the best things about attending a Western Michigan basketball game. The venue’s small size puts you right on top of the action and everyone on the court will be able to hear your cheers and jeers, which helps create a loud and lively atmosphere.

Western Michigan fans take full advantage of University Arena’s small size as not only do they use their proximity to the court to aid their team, they also use it to get in the heads of the opposition. No section of the stadium is better at pestering other teams or cheering on the Broncos, then The Zoo. The Zoo is full of the rowdiest and wildest WMU students, and if you’re looking to get after opponents, then The Zoo is the spot for you.

In addition to University Arena being a great place to take in a game, you’ll also find lots to do in Kalamazoo. You’ll especially be in luck if you’re looking to grab a drink before or after the game. There are lots of excellent bars near University Arena including Shakespeare Pub, which has an impressive 37 beers on tap, and University Roadhouse among others.

A Western Michigan game is a fantastic road trip for any MAC basketball fan, so start planning your trip to Kalamazoo today.

Things to check out


Hanging from the rafters of University Arena are banners honoring all of the Broncos accomplishments from over the years. The banners celebrate all of the Broncos NCAA Tournament appearances, conference championships, and even the program’s run to the Sweet Sixteen in 1976. Make sure to check out all of the banners when attending a Broncos basketball game.

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Pep Band

The pep band puts on an outstanding show during the game keeping the atmosphere electrified throughout the game. Things get kicked off with the team’s entrance and only get better from there, so make sure to get to your seat early to get the most out of your Broncos game day experience.

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Buster Bronco

Buster Bronco has been the official Western Michigan mascot since 1988 and has been entertaining Broncos fans ever since. You’ll never know what Buster will do next, so keep an eye out for him throughout the game.

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The Zoo

The Zoo is the name of the student section at Western Michigan, and it’s where you’ll find the loudest and rowdiest fans on game days. Western Michigan students love to get loud and go all out to support their team. Enjoy The Zoo’s creative cheers and chants when attending a Broncos basketball game.

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Don’t miss the Western Michigan cheerleaders during your trip to University Arena. The Western Michigan cheerleaders keep the fans on their feet even when things aren’t going all that well for the Broncos and perform a variety of great routines making them a memorable part of any Broncos basketball game.

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In-Game Promotions

A Western Michigan basketball game presents many opportunities for you to walk away with some prizes as there are several promotions throughout the game. Even if you’re not lucky enough to take part, you’ll still have a fun time watching the contests from your seat.

Fight Songs

  1. Fight Song

    Fight on fight on for Western;
    take the ball, make a score,
    win the game.
    Onward for the Brown and Gold;
    Push ‘em back, push ‘em back
    bring us fame.
    Fight on fight on for Western;
    over one, over all we will reign.
    Fight, Broncos fight,
    fight with all your might.
    Western win this game!

  2. Brown and Gold

    Western Michigan alma mater

    Western we sing to you,
    Brown and Gold,
    Western we bring to you,
    faith untold.
    You challenge and inspire;
    your hope is our desire.
    We sing to you our Alma Mater,
    Brown and Gold.

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