Tailgating kicks off bright and early at Western Michigan with the lots surround the stadium opening up four hours before kickoff. There is plenty of space to tailgate here at Western Michigan. You’ll find 16 tailgating lots surrounding Waldo Stadium all packed to the brim with Broncos fans dressed from head to toe in brown and gold.

WMU has some of the loosest tailgating rules in the NCAA which turns the entire campus into one giant party on game day, most notably Lot 105 by Health and Human Services. The rowdy party atmosphere isn’t just confined to the students. The alumni, parents, and locals all come out to party hard before cheering on the Broncos creating one of the craziest game day atmospheres not only in the MAC but the entire Midwest.

To add to the party atmosphere, there are two DJ’s set up playing the latest pop, dance, electronic, hip-hop, and all other kinds of music. Local bands and rap artists will also set up impromptu mini-concerts in the parking lots to pump the crowd up and push their album sales. Najee “Rocky” Hubbard one of the up and coming local rappers has a song called “Brown and Yellow” that he frequently performs on game day at the tailgates; it’s a student favorite and gets a fair amount of local radio play.
Come prepared to party hard when attending a Western Michigan tailgate since you’ll find plenty of room to set up a tailgate and join in on the raucous atmosphere Kalamazoo has to offer.


The tailgate DJs do an incredible job of adding to the party atmosphere you’ll find at Western Michigan. The DJs here, much like the fans, love to party so come prepared to get down during your trip to Kalamazoo.

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Lot 105

Lot 105 is the official student tailgate lot at Western Michigan, so if you’re looking to tailgate with fellow students than there is no better place to do so than Lot 105. Come prepared to let loose and join in on the game day fun when tailgating with your fellow students.

Where to tailgate

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