1. Row the Boat

Under head coach P.J. Fleck the Row the Boat mantra has become a popular part of Broncos game day. Each game fans start off the fourth quarter by chanting ROW ROW ROW and performing a rowing motion. Rowing the boat pumps up the crowd and gives the team some extra motivation as they go into the final quarter of the game.

2. Tailgate DJs

There are two DJ’s set up playing the latest pop, dance, electronic, hip-hop, and all other kinds of music. Local bands and rap artists will also set up impromptu mini-concerts in the parking lots to pump the crowd up and push their album sales. Najee “Rocky” Hubbard one of the up and coming local rappers has a song called “Brown and Yellow” that he frequently performs on game day at the tailgates; it’s a student favorite and gets a fair amount of local radio play.

3. Alma Mater

At the end of the game, the Alma Mater is played, followed by one of the players jumping up into the band to lead them in the fight song. Win or Lose, the player, is lifted by his teammates up into the band pit where he grabs an oar and uses it to act as the conductor of the WMU band. The singing of the Alma Mater is a great way to end the game as well as a great way for fans to show off their Western Michigan pride.

4. Bronco Marching Band

The Bronco Marching Band put on an outstanding show throughout the game keeping the atmosphere electrified throughout the game. Things get kicked off with the pregame show and only get better from there, so make sure to get to your seat early to get the most out of your Broncos game day experience.

5. Lot 105

Lot 105 is the official student tailgate lot at Western Michigan, so if you’re looking to tailgate with fellow students than there is no better place to do so than Lot 105. Come prepared to let loose and join in on the game day fun when tailgating with your fellow students.

6. Touchdown Pushups

After every Broncos score, the WMU Bronco Band will do celebratory push-ups from either end zones. This amazingly energizes the crowd even more. So watch out for those push ups!

7. Seelye Center

The eight-story tall Seelye Center houses all of the Western Michigan football operations and is also home to the Seelye club seats, which offer an excellent view of the field from the northeast end zone. If not sitting in the Seelye club seats at the very least take a minute to look at the list of All-Americans listed on the Seelye Center to pay tribute to some of the greatest Broncos of all-time including Greg Jennings and John Offerdahl.

8. Buster Bronco

Buster Bronco has been the official Western Michigan mascot since 1988 and has been entertaining Broncos fans ever since. You’ll never know what Buster will do next. So keep an eye out for him throughout the game.

9. Victory Cannon

The battle for the Victory Cannon takes place each year when the Broncos meet their instate rivals the Central Michigan Chippewas. The atmosphere for this game is always spirited, and you can cut the tension in the stadium with a knife when these two instate rivals get together. The fans step their cheering and tailgating skills up 5 levels for this game, so if you can only make it to one Broncos game, this is the one to be at.

10. Hills

The hills located on both sides of the main grandstand at Waldo Stadium offer a great place for fans to hang out during the game. Regardless of whether you’re sunbathing during the early fall or making snowballs late in the season the hills always offer a fun place to take in a Broncos game.

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