1. WSU Athletic Hall of Fame

Make sure to check out the WSU Athletic Hall of Fame when attending a Shockers basketball game. The Hall of Fame contains tons of artifacts and memorabilia from WSU athletics past and is a must-see for any college sports fan.

2. Shocker Sound

The Shocker Sound provides an incredible atmosphere at Wichita State games and is a big part of what makes attending a WSU basketball game such a fantastic experience. Whether they’re playing “Hail Wichita,” the Shocker War Chant, or just about anything else you’ll enjoy the music provided throughout the game by the Shocker Sound.

3. WuShock

Don’t miss WuShock during your trip to Wichita State. The one of a kind mascot puts on quite the show at Shockers games with his antics and fans love him making him a must-see at any Shockers sporting event.


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4. Wichita State-Missouri State Rivalry

One of Wichita State’s biggest rivals is Missouri State. The rivalry between these two teams dates back to the 1941-42 season and has been going strong ever since. If you can only make it to one Wichita State game, then you can’t beat taking in a Wichita State-Missouri State game.


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5. WSU Student Section

The student section at Wichita State games goes all out to get behind their team. No matter what the score you’ll hear cheers and chants coming from them, so enjoy their support throughout the game.


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6. Cheerleaders

The WSU cheerleaders pump up the crowd throughout the game and do a superb job of keeping spirits high even when the Shockers are struggling. You won’t want to miss the cheer squad’s impressive routines, so don’t leave your seat when they take the court.


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7. Wichita State-Tulsa Rivalry

The rivalry between Wichita State and Tulsa dates back to the Golden Hurricane’s time in the Missouri Valley Conference. Tulsa left the Missouri Valley Conference in 1996, but the rivalry between them and the Shockers remains intense so get your tickets when Tulsa comes to town.


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8. Banners

Hanging around the arena are banners celebrating the Shockers rich basketball history. The banners show off all of Wichita State’s conference titles and NCAA Tournament appearances, so take them all in to remember your favorite Shockers basketball moments.

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