1. Flag Raising

The raising of the 13th Man Flag before the game is a must-see part of any Blue Bombers game. The tradition is a big part of the pre-game ceremonies and an excellent way to honor the fans, so make sure you don’t miss it during your trip to Winnipeg.

2. Tailgate at the Plaza

Located outside Gate 2, Tailgate at the Plaza is your pre-game tailgating destination at Bombers games. Here you’ll be able to grab something to eat or drink, meet former players, and take part in a variety of activities. If you want to tailgate before the game, then the Tailgate at the Plaza is the place to do so.

3. Supporter Groups

Those of you who are diehard Bombers fans will want to get involved in a supporter group. The supporter groups at Investors Group Field are home to the loudest fans in the stadium so join one of these groups to get involved in the action.

4. Winnipeg Blue Bombers-Saskatchewan Roughriders Rivalry

The Roughriders are the Blue Bombers’ archrivals, and as a result, you won’t want to miss it when the Blue Bombers come to town. Games between the Blue Bombers and Roughriders typically sell out before the season and feature the liveliest crowds of the season, so if you can only attend one game, then make sure it’s a Blue Bombers-Roughriders game.

5. Cheer and Dance Team

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers Cheer and Dance Team has been entertaining Bombers fans for over 50 years and is a big part of any game. You won’t want to miss these talented performers, so make sure to stay in your seat when you see them take the field.

6. Alumni Autographs

Get an autograph from your favorite former Blue Bombers before the game. The alumni autograph area gives you the opportunity to get an autograph from your favorite Blue Bombers alumni, so make sure to stop by before the game.

7. Photos with Bombers

One of the best parts of attending a Blue Bombers game is getting your picture taken with a WAA Bomber airplane. The photo is an excellent keepsake from your trip to Investors Group Field making it a can’t miss part of any Bombers pre-game.

8. Buzz and Boomer

Keep an eye out for Buzz and Boomer when taking in a Blue Bombers game. These two lovable mascots have been a part of Bombers games since 1984 and are a must-see for anyone in attendance.

9. Bomber Store

Make sure to pick up a souvenir from the Bomber Store during your visit to Investors Group Field. The store is home to a wide variety of merchandise including caps, t-shirts, jerseys, and more.

10. Entertainment Loges

If you want to watch a Blue Bombers game in style, then make sure to reserve an Entertainment Loge. The Entertainment Loges can accommodate 12 or 16 people and provide you with private seating accommodations as well food and drinks.

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