Wofford is home to arguably the best tailgating scene in the FCS making a trip to Spartanburg a must for any college football fan. The fans here love to tailgate, and it shows on game days as everywhere you look around campus you’ll see tents, grills, and coolers. Arrive here early and join in the fun to make the most out of your trip to Spartanburg.

One of the things that make tailgating at Wofford such an excellent experience is how friendly everyone is. Terriers fans are among some of the most welcoming tailgaters around, and even if you aren’t rooting for Wofford, you’ll make lots of new friends at the tailgate. Bring something to share and you’ll have new friends for life as everyone at Wofford is mighty friendly regardless of what team you support.

Additionally, you’ll find a lot of Wofford school pride on display when tailgating. Whether it’s the Wofford branded tents and grills or the Terrier Walk, there is no shortage of school pride on display. You’ll know exactly where you are when tailgating before a Wofford game as the fans here go all out to show off their school pride.

Finally, Wofford is home to one of the best family friendly tailgating experiences around. Not only is everyone very welcoming and friendly as mentioned the TerrierLand kids zone is one of the best kids areas you’ll find anywhere.

Wofford and its fans go all out to put on a fantastic tailgating experience, so get here early and enjoy the tailgating scene to get the full Wofford game day experience.


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Terrier Walk

Make sure to check out the Terrier Walk before the game. The Terrier Walk provides you the opportunity to give some last minute support to the team as they make their way to the stadium accompanied by the spirit squads. There is no better way to get into the Wofford game day spirit than the Terrier Walk, so don’t miss it.


If you’re taking the kids to the game, then stop by TerrierLand. TerrierLand offers all kinds of kids activities making it the perfect place for kids to hang out before the game.

Where to tailgate

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