1. Blitz III

Keep an eye out for Wofford’s live mascot Blitz III. Blitz III is a Boston terrier, and since making her debut 2014 has quickly become a fan favorite after taking over the role from Blitz II.


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2. Terrier Walk

Make sure to check out the Terrier Walk before the game. The Terrier Walk provides you the opportunity to give some last minute support to the team as they make their way to the stadium accompanied by the spirit squads. There is no better way to get into the Wofford game day spirit than the Terrier Walk, so don’t miss it.

3. Hardee’s Hill

If you want to watch the game in a unique way, then check out Hardee’s Hill. Hardee’s Hill is located between the field and the scoreboard and is a fun place to gather with friends and take in the game. You’ll even see kids sledding down it on cardboard during the game creating a fun feel.

4. Wofford-Furman Rivalry

Wofford and Furman have the oldest rivalry in the state of South Carolina, and the two teams even played in the first football game in state history in 1889. The Terriers and Paladins long-running rivalry is always a must-see event, so make sure to be in attendance when Furman comes to Spartanburg.


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5. Video Board

At 1,485 sq ft, the video board at Wofford is one of the largest in the FCS. The board gives fans an incredible view of every replay and is a can’t miss part of any game at Gibbs Stadium.

6. TerrierLand

If you’re taking the kids to the game, then stop by TerrierLand. TerrierLand offers all kinds of kids activities making it the perfect place for kids to hang out before the game.

7. Back of the College Plaque

Make sure to check out the plaque celebrating the Back of the College neighborhood outside Gate 2. The plaque is a tribute to the predominantly black neighborhood that was once part of the college as well as Reverend A.W. Cumming’s contributions to the community over the years.

8. Boss and Terri

In addition to Blitz III Wofford has two costumed mascots, Boss and Terri. These two get into all kinds of shenanigans at games and do a great job of pumping up the crowd, so don’t miss them during your visit to Gibbs Stadium.


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9. Wofford-The Citadel Rivalry

The Terriers have a fierce in-state rivalry with fellow SoCon The Citadel. While the rivalry may not be as old as the Terriers rivalry with Furman, there are still plenty of bragging rights on the line when these two meet.

10. Cheerleaders

The cheerleaders do a fantastic job of pumping up the crowd throughout the game. These talented performers lead a variety of cheers and chants, so join in and give the Terriers your support.


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