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The Cowboys are the biggest game in the state, so you’ll find people from all over Wyoming coming out to support the team. The fervent support of people throughout the state has made Arena-Auditorium one of the tougher places to play in the Mountain West Conference and has helped earn the arena the nickname the “Dome of Doom.”

The loudest fans in the arena belong to the Wild Bunch, which is the name of the Wyoming student section. The students here bleed brown and gold, and no matter how the team is doing they come out in large numbers to show their support.

In addition to the incredible atmosphere, you’ll also be able to enjoy a near state-of-the-art venue when attending a Cowboys basketball game. Arena-Auditorium recently underwent a two-phase renovation project that has made it one of the nicest venues in the Mountain West. Make sure to arrive early to enjoy all of the new sights and sounds including the UW Athletics Hall of Fame and Wyoming Store.

The University of Wyoming is located in the small town of Laramie, but you’ll still find some decent bars and restaurants nearby. If you’re looking for something upscale, then head on over to Altitude Chophouse and Brewery after the game.

A Wyoming basketball game is a fun Mountain West road trip destination and a great chance for you to see the state of Wyoming, so plan your trip today.

Things to check out

UW Athletics Hall of Fame

The new UW Athletics Hall of Fame is part of the recent renovation to Arena-Auditorium and is a must-see for anyone attending a Cowboys basketball game.

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Wyoming Store

Those of you looking to grab some Cowboys gear at the game will want to stop by the Wyoming Store. The Wyoming Store is home to an incredible range of Cowboys gear, so no matter what you’re looking for you’ll find it here.

Wyoming Association of Broadcasting Hall of Fame

Take some time before the game to enjoy the Wyoming Association of Broadcasting Hall of Fame. The hall honors all of the best broadcasters in the state’s history and is a fun exhibit to check out before the game.

Pistol Pete

Pistol Pete is the cowboy mascot of the Wyoming Cowboys. Throughout the game, fans can see Pistol Pete entertaining the crowd on the sidelines. Keep your eyes peeled for Pistol Pete and his crazy antics.

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Wild Bunch

Wild Bunch is the name of the student section at Wyoming basketball games. The group gets their name from Butch Cassidy’s gang, and they do an excellent job of getting into the heads of opponents. The Wild Bunch are the wildest fans at any Wyoming basketball game, so join in on their cheers to show your support for the Cowboys.

Wyoming Band

The Wyoming Band puts on an outstanding show at Cowboys basketball game. The pep band creates a great atmosphere at Cowboys games and help keep the energy high throughout the game, so enjoy the band during your trip to Wyoming.

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Spirit Squad

The spirit squad keeps everyone's spirit high with their cheer and dance routines. These talented performers are a big part of the game day experience, so don’t miss their performances during a Wyoming basketball game.

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Fight Songs

  1. Ragtime Cowboy Joe

    Cowboys fans stand and clap when the band perform this song and at the end everyone spells out Cowboys and chants Cowboys! Twice. Come prepared to sing “Ragtime Cowboy Joe” when attending a Wyoming game.

    He always sings raggy music to his cattle as he swings
    Back and forward in his saddle on a horse (pretty good horse!)
    He’s a syncopated gaiter
    And you out to hear the meter to the roar of his repeater
    How they run (yes run!)
    When they hear him come, because the western folks all know,
    He’s a high fallutin’, rootin’ tootin’
    Son of a gun from old Wyoming
    Ragtime Cowboy, (talk about your cowboy), Ragtime Cowboy Joe.

  2. Fight, Wyoming, Fight

    Wyoming’s primary fight song

    Come on, Cowboys, gold and brown!
    Show them how, boys, hold them down!
    Start right now, boys, don’t’ delay,
    Break away, win today.
    Take that ball, and one, two, three!
    Carry on triumphantly — Come on and fight!
    Fight! Fight, you Cowboys, fight!
    Come on and fight to victory!

  3. The Beer Song

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