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For years Xavier was one of the best mid-major programs in the country, and recently they’ve broken into the big leagues joining the Big East in 2013. The Musketeers have come a long way over the years, and you won’t want to miss your opportunity to see Xavier continue their ascension towards the top.

The Cintas Center is home to a lively atmosphere that is spearheaded by the Xavier students and fans. The fans here live and die with their team, and it’s apparent on game day by how much noise they create at the arena. The Xavier student section is especially loud, and all throughout the game, you’ll feel their presence no matter where you’re sitting.

Not only is the Cintas Center home to a great group of fans, but it also contains plenty of tributes to the Xavier athletics department. The venue is home to a display showcasing memorabilia from all of the Musketeers sports teams as well as the Xavier Hall of Fame. If you’re looking to see basketball history specifically, then make sure to take a minute to admire the banners hanging from the rafters. Despite the school’s small size, Xavier has put together some of the best teams in the NCAA over the last couple decades including two Elite Eight appearances.

Before or after the game make sure to stop by some favorite local eateries including Gordo’s and Betta’s Italian Oven. The Cintas Center isn’t as close to restaurants as some other places, but if you’re willing to take a short drive, then there are plenty of options nearby.

A trip to the Cintas Center offers you an excellent opportunity to experience a basketball-mad crowd and see the Musketeer continue their journey to the top.

Things to check out

Xavier Sports Display

Check out the Xavier Sports Display before the game to see trophies and other memorabilia from a variety of Musketeers sports. The exhibit is home to all kinds of memorabilia ranging from trophies to jerseys to equipment and much more.

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Xavier Hall of Fame

The Xavier Hall of Fame honors the greatest players in Xavier athletics history and is a must-see for Musketeers fans. Remember all of your favorite former student athletes by taking a look at the Xavier Hall of Fame.

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Musketeer Statue

Before entering the Cintas Center, take a picture with the Musketeer Statue. The statue is located outside the arena’s main entrance, and it presents a great photo op.

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My 1st Xavier Game Board

No matter how many Xavier games you’ve been to, make sure to stop by the “My 1st Xavier Game” board. The board offers fans the opportunity to tell everyone what their first Musketeers game was and is a fun way to remember all of the games you’ve attended over the years.


Hanging from the rafters of the Cintas Center are banners honoring all of the Musketeers greatest accomplishments. The banners celebrate the school’s two runs to the Elite Eight as well as players like Brian Grant and David West, who had their numbers retired by the school.

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D'Artagnan and the Blue Blob

The Musketeers have two mascots, D’Artagnan and the Blue Blob. D’Artagnan and the Blue Blob entertain fans young and old with their shenanigans, so keep an eye out for both of them when attending a Musketeers basketball game.

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Fight Songs

  1. “Xavier Fight Song”

    Sing the song and sing it loud and long,
    Let it be our pledge today,
    Our Alma Mater proud and strong,
    Old Xavier for aye!


  2. “Xavier Alma Mater”

    Xavier is our family tree,
    Rooted in one history.
    Nurtured by our legacy,
    Xavier’s humble pedigree
    Branches out to touch
    The same God we all call by many names,
    And aglow in love aflame,
    bears the fruit of Xavier’s fame.

    Fame that no one can impeach,
    Growing to extend our reach,
    Planting fertile seeds in each soul
    And mind we serve and teach.
    One community we stand,
    Building dreams and hope with hands
    Stretching out across the land
    For each woman, child and man.

  3. Let’s Go X!

    Let’s go X!

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