1. Xavier Sports Display

Check out the Xavier Sports Display before the game to see trophies and other memorabilia from a variety of Musketeers sports. The exhibit is home to all kinds of memorabilia ranging from trophies to jerseys to equipment and much more.

2. Xavier Hall of Fame

The Xavier Hall of Fame honors the greatest players in Xavier athletics history and is a must-see for Musketeers fans. Remember all of your favorite former student athletes by taking a look at the Xavier Hall of Fame.

3. Musketeer Statue

Before entering the Cintas Center, take a picture with the Musketeer Statue. The statue is located outside the arena’s main entrance, and it presents a great photo op.

4. Crosstown Classic: Xavier-Cincinnati

The Xavier Musketeers and Cincinnati Bearcats meet annually to determine who has bragging rights over the city of Cincinnati. The schools are separated by only three miles, so you better believe that both teams want to win this annual contest badly. Cincinnati leads the all-time series 49-34, but the Musketeers have won 14 of the last 20 meetings, so you’ll be in for a treat when these two Queen City schools meet.

5. D'Artagnan and the Blue Blob

The Musketeers have two mascots, D’Artagnan and the Blue Blob. D’Artagnan and the Blue Blob entertain fans young and old with their shenanigans, so keep an eye out for both of them when attending a Musketeers basketball game.


6. My 1st Xavier Game Board

No matter how many Xavier games you’ve been to, make sure to stop by the “My 1st Xavier Game” board. The board offers fans the opportunity to tell everyone what their first Musketeers game was and is a fun way to remember all of the games you’ve attended over the years.

7. Banners

Hanging from the rafters of the Cintas Center are banners honoring all of the Musketeers greatest accomplishments. The banners celebrate the school’s two runs to the Elite Eight as well as players like Brian Grant and David West who had their numbers retired by the school.

8. Blackburn/McCafferty Trophy: Xavier-Dayton

The winner of the yearly matchup between Xavier and Dayton walks away with the Blackburn/McCafferty Trophy. The rivalry dates back to the 1920-21 season, and the two teams have played every year since, so make sure to be in attendance when these two Buckeye State rivals square off.

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