1. Harvard-Yale Rivalry

Harvard-Yale is one of the most famous rivalries in college sports. While the football game may get the majority of the press, there is lots of bad blood between these longtime rivals on the court as well. A Harvard-Yale game should be on the bucket list of any college sports fan, so make sure to get your tickets to Harvard-Yale.

2. Original Handsome Dan

When attending a Yale basketball game, make sure to check out the stuffed original Handsome Dan mascot near the entrance. Stop by and see the dog that started the string of beloved Yale mascots during your trip to New Haven.

3. Pep Band

The Yale pep band will keep you entertained throughout the game with their tunes. The band provides most of the atmosphere at Yale and puts on a fantastic performance, so enjoy their musical displays throughout the game.

4. U.S. Squash Hall of Fame

Squash is a very popular sport at Yale, and the university is even home to the U.S. Squash Hall of Fame. Check out the museum to learn more about the game of squash as well as the best players to ever play the sport.

5. Cheerleaders

The cheerleaders do their best to keep everyone engaged with the action on the court. They get everyone pumped up even when the Bulldogs are struggling and are a big part of the pageantry found inside Lee Amphitheater on game days.

6. Banners

Hanging above the court are banners celebrating the Bulldogs Ivy League championships and NCAA Tournament appearances. The banners honor all of the best teams in school history including the 2016 team that advanced to the Round of 32 in the NCAA Tournament, so check them all out.

7. Columbia-Yale Rivalry

Columbia and Yale have the longest continuous rivalry in college basketball, so you better believe you’ll be in for a good matchup whenever these two Ivy League schools get together. There is no love lost when Columbia and Yale clash making a Columbia-Yale game one of the best times to take in a game at Payne Whitney Gymnasium.


8. Old Records Plaque

See the plaque displaying athletic records from 1893 during your trip to Payne Whitney Gymnasium. The gym is one of the oldest buildings in college basketball, and as a result, you’ll find lots of past relics around the facility.

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