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The Yale Bowl is one of the most historic stadiums in college football making a trip to New Haven a must for any college football fan. The stadium was the first bowl stadium as well as the site of the first football game radio broadcast in 1922. The Yale Bowl oozes history, and you can feel the aura and history of the stadium the second you step foot into the Yale Bowl.

The history of the Yale Bowl isn’t the only thing that makes attending a Bulldogs game a great experience. The fans are also a big part of what makes attending a Yale game a memorable experience. Throughout the game, you’ll hear a variety of cheers and chants creating a fun atmosphere that you’ll without a doubt enjoy.

Finally, the pageantry of a Yale football game is also among the best in the FCS. The Yale Precision Marching Band puts on a great show before the game and during halftime. You also won’t want to miss your opportunity to see Yale’s famous mascot Handsome Dan live and in person.

A trip to the Yale Bowl should be on the bucket list of any diehard college football fan as it’s one of the most historic stadiums in the sport.

Things to check out

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Handsome Dan

Handsome Dan has been Yale’s mascot since 1889 and is a can’t miss part of any Bulldogs game. You’ll spot Handsome Dan at every Yale game and he does a great job of inspiring the team and fans, so keep an eye out for him throughout the game.

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Yale Precision Marching Band

The Yale Precision Marching Band puts on a fantastic halftime show and will keep you entertained throughout the game with their tunes. The band provides a lot of the atmosphere at Yale and puts on a fantastic performance, so enjoy their musical displays throughout the game.

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The cheerleaders do their best to keep everyone engaged with the action on the field. They get everyone pumped up even when the Bulldogs are struggling and are a big part of the pageantry found inside the Yale Bowl on game days.

Fight Songs

  1. Bulldog

    fight song (played after every touchdown)

    Bulldog!  Bulldog!
    Bow, wow, wow
    Eli Yale
    Bulldog!  Bulldog!
    Bow, wow, wow
    Our team can never fail

    When the sons of Eli
    Break through the line
    That is the sign we hail
    Bulldog!  Bulldog!
    Bow, wow, wow
    Eli Yale!

  2. Down the Field

    Fight song (played at the end of games)

    March, march on down the field
    Fighting for Eli
    Break through that crimson line
    Their strength to defy
    We’ll give a long cheer for Eli’s men
    We’re here to win again
    hahvahd’s team may fight to the end
    But YALE!  WILL!  WIN!

  3. Bright College Years

    Alma mater

    Bright college years with pleasure rife
    The shortest, gladdest years of life
    How swiftly are ye gliding by
    O why does time so quickly fly
    The seasons come, the seasons go
    The earth is green or white with snow
    But time and change shall not avail
    To break the friendships formed at Yale

    In after years should trouble rise
    To cloud the blue of sunny skies
    How bright will seem through mem’ry’s haze
    Those happy golden bygone days
    O let us strive that ever we
    May let these words our watch cry be
    Where e’er upon life’s sea we sail:
    “For God, for country, and for Yale!”

  4. Here’s to Good Old Yale

    Fight song

  5. Boola Boola (The Football Medley)

    Fight song

    Boola boola, boola boola
    Boola boola, boola boola
    When we rough house poor old hahvahd
    They will holler, “Boola boo”
    Oh Yale, Eli Yale!  Oh Yale, Eli Yale!
    Oh Yale, Eli Yale!  Oh Yale, Eli Yale!

  6. Goodnight, Poor Harvard

    fFor Harvard games

    Goodnight, poor hahvahd
    hahvahd, goodnight
    Oh, we’ve got your number
    You’re high as a kite
    Oh, goodnight, poor hahvahd
    You’re tucked in tight
    When the big blue
    Team gets after you
    hahvahd, goodnight!

  7. Bingo

    For Harvard games

    Bingo!  Bingo!
    Bingo, bingo, bingo!  That’s the lingo.
    Eli is bound to win,
    There’s to be a victory,
    So watch the team begin.
    Bingo!  Bingo!
    hahvahd’s team cannot prevail.
    Fight!  Fight!
    Fight with all your might,
    For Bingo, Bingo, Eli Yale!

  8. Long Cheer


    ko-ax, ko-ax!

    ko-ax, ko-ax!

    O-op! O-op!


    Yale! Yale! Yale!
    Rah! Rah! Rah!
    Rah! Rah! Rah!
    Rah! Rah! Rah!
    Team! Team! Team!

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