Tailgating is a big part of any Yale football game, so arrive early and join in the pregame fun. The area near the Yale Bowl is full of tailgaters on game days creating a fun atmosphere that any tailgate lover or college football fan would enjoy. Everywhere you look, you’ll see Bulldogs alumni, students, and fans dressed in blue and white.

One of the must-see events before a Yale game is the Bulldog Walk. The Bulldog Walk takes place 80 minutes before kickoff and is your chance to give the football team some extra inspiration before the game. Don’t miss the Bulldogs players and coaches as they make their way from Walter Camp Memorial to the stadium.

In addition to the Bulldog Walk, Yale also offers plenty of places for you to tailgate. Yale students will have a fantastic time at the Yale Student Tailgate Village. The Yale Student Tailgate Village provides everything you could need for a tailgate including drinks, food, and live music. Visiting fans will also have a blast tailgating before a game at the Yale Bowl as Lot A is home to the visiting tailgating help creating a large contingent of visiting tailgates.

Tailgating at Yale is a lot of fun, so get to the Yale Bowl early and enjoy all the pregame festivities.


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The Bulldog Walk

You won’t want to miss the Bulldog Walk, which takes place 80 minutes before kickoff. The Bulldog Walk gives you the opportunity to see the players and coaches before the game as they walk from Walter Camp Memorial to the Yale Bowl, making it a can’t miss part of the pregame festivities.

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Jensen Plaza

Stop by Jensen Plaza and see the names of every football player in Yale history. Each Yale team has a brick, so take some time to remember your favorite past Bulldogs teams and players.

Handsome Dan Statue

Snap a picture with the Handsome Dan statue located outside Jensen Plaza. The statue is a must-see for any Bulldogs fan and presents an excellent photo op as well.

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Where to tailgate

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  1. Yale now forbids tailgating after the start of the game, and has put a chain link fence around the stadium to keep fans out. It could not be more unwelcoming. Its no re-entry policy, coupled with the perimeter fence, means that Lot YUAD (which was the premiere tailgating lot) is no longer accessible to anyone outside the lot. Save your money and watch the game on the TV.

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