1. Hall of Gridiron Glory

Make sure to check out the Hall of Gridiron Glory when taking in a game at Stambaugh Stadium. The Hall of Gridiron Glory celebrates all of the best moments in Penguins football history including the program’s four national championships making it a must-see for any Penguins or college football fan.

2. Ice Breaker Concert

Don’t miss the YSU Marching Pride’s Ice Breaker Concert. The concert takes place in the courtyard outside the southeast corner of the stadium 75 minutes before kickoff and is a great way to get pumped up before the game.


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3. Penguin Party Lot

Those of you looking for some pre-game entertainment will want to check out the Penguin Party Lot. The Penguin Party Lot is perfect for the whole family as here you’ll find live music, kids activities, and much more.

4. YSU Marching Pride

The YSU Marching Pride put on a fantastic show and are a must-see part of any Youngstown State football game. The marching band creates a fun atmosphere throughout the game, and you won’t want to miss their pregame and halftime performances.


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5. Pete and Penny

Keep an eye out for Youngstown State’s two lovable mascots, Pete and Penny, when taking in a game at Stambaugh Stadium. Pete and Penny get into all kinds of shenanigans and are an enjoyable part of any Penguins game.

6. Jim Tressel Shrine

Tressel is the greatest coach in Penguins history having led Youngstown State to four national championships. Stop by the shrine located at the end of the Hall of Gridiron Glory to pay tribute to the legendary coach.


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7. Pizza Hut Tailgate Radio Show

Catch the Pizza Hut Tailgate Radio Show in the M-70 Tailgate Lot. The pregame show is fun to see in-person and is an excellent way to learn more about the Penguins and their opponents before the game.

8. Youngstown State Cheerleaders

Join in the chants and cheers lead by the YSU Cheerleaders. The Cheerleaders keep spirits high no matter what the score is making them an essential part of any Penguins game.


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