1. Clemson Tigers (Running Down the Hill)

    Prior to every game the team makes its way around the stadium to the east side where they gather at the top of the hill around Howard’s Rock before running onto the field. Checkout the hill to get a feel for what it is like to be a Clemson player.

    2. Arizona State (Pat Tillman Tunnel)

    Pat Tillman started his football career at ASU in 1994 before graduating and going on to play for the Cardinals. Tillman became a national hero when he left the NFL to join the Army and tragically lost his life in Afghanistan in 2004. To honor this great hero A life-size photo of Tillman is displayed on the doorway of the tunnel that the ASU football team runs through onto the field. The tunnel is also covered in a tarp displaying his initials and number. Check out the tunnel and honor one of the greatest heroes the game has ever seen.

    3. Tennessee Volunteers (Running through the T)

    Since the 1964 season, the Volunteers have entered the field by “Running through the T”. It starts with the band slowly getting into a T-Formation as the crowd gets more excited minute by minute. Right as it seems the stadium is about to crater into two parts, the Cheerleaders and Mascot start running onto the field and the team starts running through the T Formation. It’s a MUST SEE for a Tennessee football game!

    4. Miami Hurricanes (The Smoke)

    The Hurricanes’ entrance may be the most famous in all of college football as the team enters the field through a giant cloud of smoke. The entrance dates back to the 1950s when transportation director Bob Nalette got the idea of using fire extinguishers to create the famous smoke. Since then the entrance has been copied by many high school, college, and even NFL teams. It was even parodied in a 2001 ABC college football commercial. If attending a Hurricanes game make sure to get to your seat before kickoff to check out this iconic entrance.

    5. Georgia Tech (Ramblin Wreck)

    The Ramblin’ Wreck is a 1930 Ford Model A and the official mascot of the Georgia Tech student body. Before every game, the Ramblin’ Wreck leads the team onto the field as the Yellow Jackets look to take down their opponents.

    6. Wake Forest Demon Deacons (Open The Gate)

    One of the biggest traditions at Wake Forest is “Open the Gate” where a famous alumni leads the team onto the field on a Harley. Past honorees include sports legends such as Arnold Palmer and Tim Duncan as well as other alumni who have accomplished great things in their lives. Keep your eyes peeled as you’ll never know who will open the gate at the next Demon Deacons home game.

    7. FSU Seminoles

    Chief Osceola rides onto the field on the back of his trusty steed Renegade and throws a flaming spear into the center of the stadium. The tradition will raise the hairs on the back of your neck and give you the true essence of Florida State football.

    8. Colorado Buffaloes (Ralphie entrance)

    Ralphie is the live mascot for the Colorado Buffaloes football team and widely regarded as one of the best live mascots in sports. The newest Ralphie, Ralphie V, is a majestic beast that is 500 pounds and riles up the crowd by running onto the field before every game. Get to your seats before kickoff, so you don’t miss out on witnessing this one of a kind tradition.

    9. Texas Tech Raiders (Masked Rider)

    The Masked Rider is the official mascot of Texas Tech and leads the team onto the field at the beginning of each home game. The Rider is decked out in all black, the only exception being a red cape. The tradition that has carried on for the past forty years and is a must see part of any Red Raiders game.

    10. Auburn Tigers (War Eagle Flight)

    Despite Auburn’s official mascot being Aubie the Tiger, the term “war eagle” is used as a battle cry for Auburn fans and is yelled during kickoff as well as throughout the game. One of the unique traditions about Jordan-Hare Stadium is the flight of the war eagle in which a live eagle circles the stadium before landing at mid-field.

    11. Hawaii Warriors (Haka)

    Before each game, the Hawaii players perform a Haka dance and do the Ha’a War Chant. This routine really pumps up players and fans alike getting everyone ready for the game. Furthermore, it’s a pure display or power, culture, and respect that no other entrance can imitate.

    12. Michigan Wolverines (Go Blue Banner run)

    Before every game, the players run out onto the field at the 50-yard line. On the way out every player will try and touch the banner as they enter the field. It’s done to give the Wolverines a little bit of extra luck and has been very successful over the years as the Wolverines have the most wins in the history of college football.

    13. SCU Gamecocks (Space Odyssey)

    The entrance at South Carolina is one of the most atmospheric in all of college football and will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. The PA announcer will announce, “Welcome to Williams-Brice,” which will be followed by as a video plays along with 2001: A Space Odyssey. Then fireworks will launch as the team runs onto the field and everyone works themselves up into a frenzy waving towels around.

    14. Virginia Tech (Enter Sandman)

    Before every game, HokieBird leads the charge out onto the field while the PA system blares Metallica’s “Enter the Sandman.” Thousands of Hokies fans cheer and applaud as their favorite team gets ready to take down the opposition. The most famous pregame cheer is one where half of the stadium chants “LET’S GO” while the other half yells “HOKIES.” The entrance sets the tone for the electric atmosphere of a Virginia Tech game.

    15. Oklahoma Sooners (Boomer Sooner)

    Oklahoma University’s mascot is one of the most iconic mascots in all of college football. Pulled by two white ponies named Boomer and Sooner, the Schooner is a smaller sized replica of a wagon used by settlers in the late 1880’s. It is brought onto the field after each score by the all male RUF/NEK spirit squad while students chant “Boomer! Sooner!”