1. Cleveland Browns

    Since the franchise’s return in 1999, the Cleveland Browns have been the worst franchise in the NFL, but that hasn’t curbed fan support at all. Each week you’ll see a full crowd inside the Factory of Sadness and the Dawg Pound is still one of the most feared sections in the NFL.

    2. Milwaukee Brewers

    The Brewers have only had six winning seasons in the last 25 years and have only made the playoffs twice over that period. However, the fans still show up to Miller Park in substantial numbers. The Brewers have also managed to remain around the top half of the league in attendance for the last 2005 despite being located in one of Major League Baseball’s smallest markets.

    3. Chicago Bears

    The Bears were once one of the best franchises in the NFL, however recently the franchise has fallen on hard times. Although the team has struggled recently, the Bears remain one of the most popular teams in the league with fans located all throughout the country.

    4. Iowa Hawkeyes

    Despite having won just one National Championship way back in 1958, Hawkeyes fans still show a great deal of support for their team and are some of the most vocal fans out there.

    5. Chicago Cubs

    The Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908 and haven’t even been to one since 1945, but that hasn’t stopped the team from building a fanbase all around the country. No matter what their record, the Cubs are a hot ticket and fans pack Wrigley Field.

    6. Detroit Lions

    Lions fans support their team through thick and thin, but if we’re honest it’s mostly thin. Despite the fact, the Lions have only won one playoff game since 1957 and infamously went 0-16, these fans still show a great deal of support for their hometown team.

    7. Buffalo Bills

    The Bills have the longest playoff drought in North American pro sports, but that doesn’t stop Bills fans from heading down to Ralph Wilson Stadium with their folding tables and putting on the best tailgates in the NFL.

    8. Cincinnati Reds

    Cincinnati has a strong baseball history, having been home to the first professional baseball team, so it should come as no surprise that Reds fans are extremely dedicated. Nobody does Opening Day like Reds fans, so if you ever get the chance to attending an opening day game in Cincy jump at it.

    9. Kansas City Chiefs

    The Chiefs won their last Super Bowl in 1970 and have not had a ton of playoff success since then, but the fans still make Arrowhead one of the best places to attend an NFL game. The fans arrive at the stadium at the break of dawn to tailgate and have produced some of the loudest atmospheres in sports history.

    10. Penn State Nittany Lions

    The White Outs at Penn State are legendary and even when it’s not a White Out Nittany Lions fans are some of the most boisterous fans you’ll find anywhere.

    11. Georgia Bulldogs

    Georgia fans come out in large numbers to support the Bulldogs on game day and produce one of the best atmospheres in college football between the hedges. The Dawgs haven’t won a National Championship since 1980 and haven’t won the SEC since 2005, but the fans here are still some of the best in the SEC.

    12. San Diego Padres

    To put it frankly San Diego fans have never had a lot to cheer about when it comes to sports. However, that hasn’t stopped these long-suffering fans from showing as much support as they can for their team.

    13. Nebraska Cornhuskers

    Memorial Stadium is the third largest city in Nebraska on game days, and the Sea of Red is one of the best crowds in all of college football. Recently, Nebraska hasn’t been the program it was in the 90s, but the fans still show the same unbridled enthusiasm they had in the past.

    14. Detroit Tigers

    The Tigers are one of the best-supported teams in Major League Baseball and the city’s recent struggles haven’t kept the fans away. The Tigers won their last World Series title in 1984, but the fans keep coming out in droves to support their team.

    15. Texas A&M Aggies

    Despite having not won a National Championship 1939, Aggies fans still have a reputation for being some of the best in college football and have even earned the nickname “The 12th Man.”

    16. New York Mets

    It’s not easy being a fan of the city’s “other team” when you share a city with the Yankees, but that doesn’t stop Mets fans from being extremely dedicated to their team.

    17. Washington Redskins

    ‘Skins fans have stuck by their team despite having one of the worst owners in all of sports and the team playing in arguably the NFL’s worst stadium. No matter how bad things get, Washington fans stick behind their team.

    18. Clemson Tigers

    Death Valley is one of the toughest places in the country for opposing teams to play thanks to the support of Clemson fans. Even during down years, these fans create a raucous environment that is one of the best in college football.

    19. Seattle Mariners

    The Mariners have the longest playoff drought in Major League Baseball. However, M’s fans still have lots of love for their team. Even when the Mariners are struggling, they still manage to draw well.

    20. New York Jets

    Jets fans aren’t shy about showing off their support for their team even when things aren’t going well, which is most of the time. No matter what the team’s record you’ll hear plenty of support for the Jets.