1. The Dawg Pound - Cleveland Browns

    The section of the stadium located behind the east end zone in FirstEnergy Stadium is known for the extremely passionate Browns fans that inhabit theses seats. If you’re lucky enough to snag seats in the Dawg Pound, you will surely get the best Browns game experience. Things in the Dawg Pound can get pretty rowdy, so make sure you’re ready for anything.

    2. The Black Hole - Oakland Raiders

    The Black Hole is the home of the loudest and rowdiest Raiders fans in the Coliseum. These fans are some of the most feared in the NFL thanks to their intimidating costumes and heckling skills.

    3. The Bleacher Creatures - New York Yankees

    The Bleacher Creatures at Yankee Stadium are some of the most boisterous and die-hard fans in all of baseball. These fans are famous for their Yankee roll call and merciless heckling, so join in on the fun if you’re sitting in the bleachers.

    4. The 12th Man - Texas A&M

    The school has built monuments surrounding Kyle Field and constructed signs in the stadium honoring the 12th man. This 12th man is what the fans have come to identify as. They have songs steeped in fandom surrounding this historic tradition. On gameday this means Aggies get loud, and strike fear into the hearts of their opponents. There is no more frightening a place to play unless you are an Aggie.

    5. End Zone Militia - New England Patriots

    Every Patriots score that takes place inside of Gillette Stadium is accompanied by a 21 gun salute.  The salute is performed by the End Zone Militia who come to every Pats game adorned in colonial attire. Over the years these guys have become more of a staple than the players on the field, so keep on the look out for the 21 gun salute when the Pats put points on the board.

    6. Autzen Zoo - Oregon

    Autzen Stadium has a reputation as one of the loudest stadiums in college football to thanks to the student section known as the Autzen Zoo. These fans cheer hard for their team throughout the game and have played a significant role in Oregon becoming one of the premier programs in college football.

    7. Block O - Ohio State

    Ohio State’s Block O is the largest student organization on campus and dates back to 1938. These fans are some of the most fervent supporters of Buckeyes football and lead several famous chants including the OH-IO chant.

    8. Bleacher Bums - Chicago Cubs

    The bleachers at Wrigley Field are one of the best places to take in a ball game. Not only do they offer an excellent place to get a tan, but they’re also home to some of the best baseball fans you’ll find anywhere. Whether you’re sitting in right field or left field, your time in the bleachers certainly won’t suck.

    9. Bull Pen - Houston Texans

    The Bull Pen, located in section 117 of NRG/Reliant Stadium, is where you’ll find the most diehard Texans fans. These fans show off their Texans pride not only by dressing from head to toe in Texans gear but also by creating songs and chants to cheer on their Texans to victory.

    10. S-Zone - Penn State

    The S-Zone kicks off the Nittany Lions famed “We Are Penn State” chant and is home to the Blue S during the school’s signature white outs. These students love their team and aren’t afraid to get loud and show it.

    11. The Zona Zoo - Arizona

    The Zona Zoo remains one of the most raucous student sections in college football, and you’ll spend the majority of the game standing and cheering your lungs out. You’ll struggle to find a better place to watch a Wildcats game than The Zona Zoo, so join in on the madness during your visit to Tucson.

    12. The 12s - Seattle Seahawks

    Seahawks fans are nicknamed The 12s, which is a name they live up to as their loudness plays a significant role in propelling the Seahawks to victory. The 12s get things started each game with the raising of The 12s flag, which is usually done by a Seattle sports icon. This tradition really sets the tone and gets everyone up and cheering before the game even starts.

    13. Red Zone - Stanford

    The students in the student section show their love and support for the Cardinal by wearing fake nerd glass and nerd nation T-shirts, so if you’re looking to take in a Cardinal game with some of the wildest fans then look no further than the student section.

    14. Vikings World Order - Minnesota Vikings

    Viking World Order is a group of the Vikings super fans. The Viking World Order is not for the faint of heart though as these fans are as diehard as they come. Being part of the VWO means that you give the Vikings your unwavering support even during the most trying times.

    15. King’s Court - Seattle Mariners

    The Seattle Mariners may have the longest current playoff drought in baseball, but that doesn’t stop this group of super fans from coming out in force every fifth day to cheer on the team’s ace.

    16. Hawks Nest - Iowa

    Iowa fans have an undying lover for the Hawkeyes, and the Hawks Nest is no different. The students here party hand and cheer even harder to propel their team to victory.

    17. The Brigade of Midshipmen - Navy

    The Brigade of Midshipmen may dress in their military uniforms and be on their best behavior during football games, but that doesn’t stop them from being one of the best fan groups around. These fans signature “I believe that we will win” chant has even made it to the international stage.

    18. FSU Cowgirls - Florida State

    The FSU Cowgirl’s show their support for the ‘Noles by coming to every game dressed in cowboy boots and hats. These famed fans have even drawn attention from broadcasters such as Brent Musberger for their support of the team.

    19. The Hogettes - Washington Redskins

    The Hogettes may have retired following the 2012 season. However, they were one of the best super fan groups in all of sports and remain a huge part of Redskins history. Beginning in 1983 a group of Redskins fans decided to wear dresses and pig snouts to cheer on the Skins. The pig snouts and name is a reference to the great Redskins offensive lines of the era that was nicknamed the Hogs.

    20. The 7 Line Army - New York Mets

    The 7 Line Army occupy the Big Apple Reserve Section of Citi Field and among the most vocal fans in baseball. This group of super fans even manages to follow their team around the country and attracts over 1,000 fans a game.