1. Bow Down to Washington (UW Huskies)

    Bow Down to Washington was composed by Lester Wilson in the early 1900s. The triumphant tune of this song was first played when the Huskies beat Cal Golden Bears with a 72-0 lead — definitely the best way to debut the song.

    2. FSU Fight Song (FSU Seminoles)

    The FSU Fight Song was originally a poem composed by Doug Alley, a former student of FSU, which was later transformed into the beautiful majestic tune that it is today by Tommy Wright, a professor. Chills runs down the spines of those who get to hear it.

    3. Anchors Aweigh (Navy Midshipmen)

    Anchors Aweigh can be a lot of things, but the best way to describe it is its patriotic and nostalgic tune. It’s definitely fitting for a team that carries the image of it as well. The song was composed by Charles Zimmermann, former bandmaster of the Naval Academy Band.

    4. Tiger Rag (Clemson)

    “Tiger Rag” is one of the more popular songs in this list as it has been used in many sporting events, but one of the reasons why it has become such an iconic song is because the Clemson Tigers use it as their fight song.

    5. Fight On (USC Trojans)

    Once you enter the campus of USC, you will be greeted with distant tunes of “Fight On” as the Spirit of Troy band plays it in most of their events. And rightfully so as the soulful and beautiful tune will get stuck in your head in the most pleasant way possible. The fight song is a product of a former USC student named Milo Sweet.

    6. On Wisconsin (Wisconsin Badgers)

    Want to know something absolutely ironic? Wisconsin Badgers’ ultimate fight song, composed by William Purdy, was actually supposed to be called “Minnesota, Minnesota”. His roommate, however, was able to convince him to let it be use for University of Wisconsin instead, and the rest is history.

    7. Victory March (Notre Dame)

    Nothing more triumphant and bone-chilling than Notre Dame’s popular fight song, “Victory March”. We have brothers Michael and John Shay to thank for this amazing song because each game now feels a hundred times better each time it is played.

    8. Rocky Top (Tennessee Volunteers)

    This may not be the Vols’ official fight song (it’s actually Down the Field), but that doesn’t mean it can’t be recognized for its beauty and wonder. Composed by the Osborne Brothers in 1967, Rocky Top’s pull on the audiences cannot be denied because every time it’s played, you witness the grand unity of the stadium. What a sight to see.

    9. Boomer Sooner (Oklahoma Sooners)

    Composed by Arthur Aiden in 1905, Boomer Sooner is one of the catchiest and most played songs in college football. And rightfully so, as its upbeat and grand tunes is sure to keep the fans and/or audiences at their toes as they cheer the Sooners with every touchdown.

    10. The Victors (Michigan Wolverines)

    The Victors was composed by Louis Elbel, a former student of the University of Michigan and is one of the greatest fight songs out there. Its bold and encompassing notes have always left its fans wanting to hear more. The song deserves a lot of respect and it’s only a must that you get to hear it live.

    11. Hail to Georgia (Georgia Bulldogs)

    Hail to Georgia perfectly captures the Georgia Bulldogs’ fighting spirit in every game as the tunes would make you feel the strong urge to cheer your loudest for the Bulldogs.

    12. Minnesota Rouser (Minnesota Golden Gophers)

    The masterpiece that is Minnesota Rouser was composed by Floyd Hutsell. The song offers so much hype energy and joy that you’ll never know what hit you once you hear those notes play. It’s a wonder to see the stadium rock this song out every time the Gophers play. An amazing tribute indeed.

    13. Aggie War Hymn (Texas A&M)

    Texas A&M is known for its sporting traditions, such as the midnight yell, and its rich culture and history. And if that wasn’t enough, they would also add a great fight song to remember for ages. The Aggie War Hymn is upbeat and sure to keep you pumped up as you watch the team play.

    14. Fight On, State (Penn State)

    Able to fully represent the Nittany Lions school spirit, Fight On State of Penn State is another known classic fight song in college football.  The song was composed by Joe Saunders in the early 1900s and he deserves a lot of recognition for its lyrics as it definitely sends a strong message to fans and opponents alike

    15. Dear Old Nebraska U (Nebraska Cornhuskers)

    Dear Old Nebraska U is not the official fight song of the University of Nebraska, but it deserves just as much recognition as well since its tunes and lyrics make you feel nothing but pure school spirit. And that absolutely counts for something.


    16. Ramblin Wreck (Georgia Tech)

    Ramblin Wreck is one of the wildest and known songs in college football, and it’s not hard to see why since its tunes and lyrics are actually derived from an old Scottish drinking song. So next time you listen to the song, check the lyrics then check how the song gives the stadium life every time it’s played.

    17. On, Brave Old Army Team (Army Black Knights)

    As the popular legend goes, the late US Army Lieutenant Philip Egner wrote this song on the sleeve of his shirt, so he wouldn’t forget, as he was walking home from campus in 1910. Little did he know that this song on his sleeve would become the official fight song of the Army Black Knights, with bone-chilling effects as it plays across the stadium.

    18. Yea Alabama (Alabama Crimson Tide)

    Alabama Crimson Tide’s fight song “Yea Alabama” was written by a former engineering student, Ethelred Lundy Sykes. The origins of the song are quite interesting as it is inspired by an Alabama rivalry long ago that no longer exists. Other than its interesting origins, it’s lyrics and tunes also carry with it the soulfulness found in every Alabama crimson tide game.

    19. The Air Force Song (Air Force Falcons)

    The Air Force Song was written by Robert MacArthur Crawford, before World War 2. The Air Force Song is more than just a battle cry or fight song to be played in games, because other than its cheerful and patriotic sounds, it also goes to represent Air Force as a military unit. It would definitely be an honor to hear it live and remember those who served and continue to serve the country.


    20. Hail to Pitt (Pitt Panthers)

    Hail to Pitt was composed by alumni Lester Milton Taylor and George Kirk. When listening to the Hail to Pitt fight song, the first thing you notice is its meaningful and resounding lyrics. You’ll also get a sense of nostalgia as you listen to it. Very deserving as the official fight song.

    21. Fight for LSU (LSU Tigers)

    Other than its crazy upbeat tunes, the best part about LSU’s fight song is its finishes. The ending lyrics of the song shows pure passion and spirit as it describes the power and strength of the LSU Tigers team.

    22. War Eagle (Auburn Tigers)

    Auburn Tigers’ iconic fight song, the War Eagle, is not only catchy but it’s also powerful in terms of how it represents the Auburn Tigers’ school spirit. The song is played every touchdown and it is also played on campus every noon. It just goes to show how much the school loves the song.

    23. The Cavalier Song (Virginia Cavaliers)

    Virginia Cavaliers’ fight song is a wonder to listen to from beginning to end. It gets so tied into the spirit and energy of the stadium that it’s the ultimate source of energy for cheering for the Virginia Cavaliers. Listening to the mix of instruments to form a harmony is something you should do, you’ll have a new way of appreciating the song.

    24. Every True Son (Mizzou Tigers)

    Every True Son is the Mizzou Tigers’ official fight song. It draws inspiration from the “It’s a Long Way to Tipperary” tune, but with an added twist. Getting to hear this play during a Tigers game is an absolute majestic experience, most especially when you get to hear the mix of battle cries and chants from across the stadium.

    25. Hail West Virginia (WVU Mountaineers)

    West Virginia Mountaineer’s official fight song that’s written by Earl Miller and EdMcWhorter, graduates of WVU. “Hail West Virginia” brings forth to you feelings of elation and satisfaction that can only be found in West Virginia. Its intricate tunes are a kind of its own that it’s a must for you to experience them in person.