1. Oakland-Alameda Coliseum

    As incredible as the Black Hole is with their elaborate costumes and unparalleled support for the Raiders, the stadium itself is severely lacking and is desperate need to be replaced.

    2. Qualcomm Stadium

    Another stadium that leaves a lot to be desired the only thing saving it from the last place ranking is the fact sewage is known to back up at the Coliseum. Much like the Coliseum, Qualcomm lacks many of the modern amenities found at other stadiums, and as a result, there have been lots of recent talks about the Chargers leaving San Diego.

    3. FedEx Field

    A bad stadium with obstructed views in a bad location. The stadium doesn’t even offer enough parking to accommodate everyone on game day and has decreased in capacity by around 10,000 seats in recent years. Daniel Snyder is running this team into the ground.

    4. Georgia Dome

    An unremarkable domed stadium that is being replaced following this season. It may not be memorable in any real way, but it could be worse.

    5. Soldier Field

    Soldier Field was once a beautiful historic landmark. However, the 2003 renovations caused it to lose its landmark status and make it look like a spaceship landed on top of the previous stadium. It’s also the third smallest stadium in the league despite the fact Chicago is the third largest market, go figure.

    6. Nissan Stadium

    The home of the Tennessee Titans is as bland and forgettable as the Titans have been for the last decade. You’ll find a decent game day experience here, but there’s nothing to rave about.

    7. Paul Brown Stadium

    The defining feature of Paul Brown Stadium is a giant escalator, yes the most exciting thing about the stadium is the escalator. That said the stadium does have a nice downtown location on the Ohio River.

    8. Everbank Field

    Everbank Field offers a fair amount of amenities and even has a pool but at the end of the day your still watching the Jaguars. Not to mention the attendance at atmosphere at the games are a bit lacking.

    9. MetLife Stadium

    MetLife Stadium is one of the most boring stadiums in the NFL not to mention it looks like an air conditioning unit. That said the stadium is relatively new and offers plenty of amenities.

    10. Hard Rock Stadium

    The Dolphins Stadium receives a small bump on the list due to its recent renovations that added a much-needed canopy over the seats. Now if only they could decide on a name as the stadium has gone by nine names since opening in 1987.

    11. New Era Stadium

    The Buffalo Bills have some of the best fans in the league and create a great game day atmosphere. That said the Ralph is getting up there and years and as a result isn’t as grandiose as most modern stadiums throughout the league.

    12. Levi’s Stadium

    Levi’s Stadium has plenty of incredible features, unfortunately, it has a few major flaws, namely its location and the fact that half of the stadium bakes in the sun on game days. Fuck Jed York.

    13. NRG Stadium

    NRG Stadium is a bit more forgettable than the other and lacks any real identity. It’s just a bit bland kind of like the Houston Texans identity.

    14. The Superdome

    Following the Falcons move to their new stadium in 2017, The Superdome will be the only stadium in the NFL that doesn’t have any natural light. Additionally, while the stadium has hosted the most Super Bowls in NFL history, it also has the distinction of being the only stadium to have a power outage during the Super Bowl.

    15. Gillette Stadium

    The stadium itself is quite beautiful. Unfortunately, its location makes it quite difficult to get to especially for other events that are held there.

    16. Raymond James Stadium

    The pirate ship is badass, however baking in the Florida sun is not.

    17. Bank of America Stadium

    A pretty forgettable although it does have this statue of owner Jerry Richardson and is easily accessible.

    18. M&T Bank Stadium

    Similar to Bank of America Stadium, M&T Bank Stadium doesn’t particularly stand out. If it weren’t for the way the field was painted, I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart. M&T Bank Stadium gets a slight edge in our rankings thanks to its downtown location near Camden Yards.

    19. FirstEnergy Stadium

    Similar to the last few stadiums, FirstEnergy Stadium doesn’t stand out. It gets a bump due to the loyalty that Browns fans have for their team and the fun atmosphere the Dawg Pound offers on game days.

    20. Lucas Oil Stadium

    Some people complain it looks like a Lego stadium or a barn, but that gives it a bit of a unique look that fits Indianapolis and the Colts.

    21. New Mile High Stadium (Sports Authority Field)

    Mile High is a great place to take in a game and has a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains.

    22. Lincoln Financial Field

    The Linc offers great sight lines and is located in the South Philadelphia Sports Complex providing fans with easy access.

    23. Ford Field

    Ford Field’s downtown location and nods to the auto industry make it one of the most underrated stadiums in the NFL. The fact the suites are built out of a former warehouse is another cool feature.

    24. LA Memorial Coliseum

    The Rams temporary home is the oldest and one of the most historic stadiums in the NFL. If ever you get the chance to attend a game at the LA Memorial Coliseum jump at it.

    25. Heinz Field

    Heinz Field is the NFL’s PNC Park equivalent and as a result offers a gorgeous view of the river and downtown Pittsburgh. It’s also home to one of the most raucous fan bases in the NFL, who provide a great game day atmosphere.

    26. University of Phoenix Stadium

    The futuristic looking University of Phoenix Stadium has a great look and feel. The stadium also features an impressive retractable field.

    27. AT&T Stadium

    Jerry’s World is the most audacious stadium in the NFL, and it fits the Cowboys perfectly. If you want to experience one of the most impressive game day experiences, then head on down to Dallas.

    28. Centurylink Field

    The steep upper deck that brings the fans closer to the field than anywhere else in the NFL and the noise capturing roof make attending a Seahawks game an experience to behold. They also go a long way in making Centurylink Field one of the toughest places for the opposition to play.

    29. Arrowhead Stadium

    An oldie but a goodie, Arrowhead battles back and forth with Centurylink for the title of loudest stadium despite the fact it wasn’t engineered to do so. There’s no better place to see a game than at Arrowhead on a Monday night.

    30. Lambeau Field

    Historic Lambeau Field is on the bucket list of every football fan out there and with good reason. While the stadium may just be a simple bowl filled with metal bleachers, you can feel the history and tradition when you’re here in Green Bay.

    31. US Bank Stadium

    The newest stadium in the NFL is also the nicest. It manages to provide all the comfort of a domed stadium in Minnesota while also providing a ton of sunlight thanks to its translucent roof. It also is one of the loudest thanks to the new roofs material being even louder than the Metrodome’s.