1. Harvard

    Typically tailgating at Harvard starts two hours before kickoff and is somewhat relaxed compared to what you’ll see at most schools. At your average Crimson game, you’ll see alumni having a few drinks with former classmates and enjoying some grilled food. However, if you want to experience an all-out tailgate party at Harvard, then make sure to tailgate before The Game. Tailgaters get an extra hour to tailgate when Yale comes to town, and The Game is one of the biggest days of the year meaning alumni from all over come out to cheer on the Crimson. You’ll experience a much more lively atmosphere when attending a Harvard-Yale game.

    2. University of Delaware

    Tailgating is a big part of attending a Delaware football game, and while the university added some restrictions in the early 2000s, you’ll still have a lot of fun tailgating before a game. Fans from all over Delaware come out to support the Blue Hens on game days and all throughout the parking lots around the stadium you’ll see fans clad in royal blue and gold. Break out the cooler, grill, tent, table, and chairs, and you’ll be in for a fun day of tailgating when attending a Delaware Fightin’ Blue Hens game. The Pregame Team Walk is a big part of the festivities. Take the opportunity to give the Blue Hens some last-minute motivation.

    3. University of California Berkeley

    Tailgating at California University provides a unique experience since California Memorial Stadium is in the heart of Berkeley. The bars and fraternities are where you’ll find most fans, particularly students on game days. If you’re looking for more traditional tailgating, you’ll have to make your way to the constellation lots where you’ll find Cal fans setting up their game day delicacies. No matter where you party before a Golden Bears football game, you’ll have a great time. Tailgate Town is the perfect pre-game destination if you’re looking to get into the Cal game day spirit. Here you can wet your whistle at the beer garden, grab a bite to eat at the concessions stand, and win some cool prizes by taking part in some fun activities.

    4. University of Minnesota

    Minnesota offers a great tailgate atmosphere that provides plenty of beer, grilled sausages, and tailgate games. The tailgate atmosphere at Minnesota is laid back and friendly as everyone is very welcoming. The Jerry Killwagon is one of the can’t miss tailgate locations, so if you get a chance, check it out. This bus is equipped with grills and adorned with pictures of Jerry and his coaching staff. There is also a DJ set up in front of the bus and the band even stops by before the game. 

    5. Indiana University

    The tailgate at Memorial Stadium on game days is an unforgettable experience. If you want to get the most out of your Hoosier game day, then you’ll want to start tailgating early as the lots open up a minimum of five hours before kickoff.  The Hoosier fan base is a lively, spirited bunch despite what happens on the field and the atmosphere around Memorial Stadium speaks to that. The unique thing about Bloomington is there is the option for the traditional tailgating experience as well as a good bar scene if that’s what you prefer.

    6. Duke University

    A  Duke tailgate  has a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere as the fans here observe Southern hospitality. Tailgates here also feature plenty of Carolina-style barbecue as well as other southern favorites. Bring some ribs and join in on the fun as you get ready to cheer on the Blue Devils to victory. The University also puts on two tailgate areas — Blue Devil Alley and Club Blue Devil. Blue Devil Alley features a wealth of tailgating activities including being home to the Blue Devil team walk before the game. There is also Club Blue Devil, which is a premier tailgate spot that features flat-screen TVs and a full buffet.


    7. University of Miami

    A Hurricanes is a great place to meet friends, grab a beer, and eat some delicious food. A Miami tailgate creates a great feeling of camaraderie as everyone here is dressed in orange, green, and white to cheer on the ‘Canes. If you’re looking for a good time, put on your Hurricanes gear and head on down to Hard Rock Stadium. The food at a Hurricanes tailgate takes on a Latin flavor as Miami has one of the largest Latino populations in the country. If you’re looking for a unique mix of game day foods, then a Miami tailgate will make you more than satisfied.

    8. UNC

    UNC’s campus nestled among the pines offers a picturesque tailgating location that is sure to be on the list of places to tailgate for any true tailgate lover. The fans here love to show their support for the team as you’ll see plenty of cars sporting Tar Heel’s flags on your way to the stadium. If you’re looking to get into the Tar Heel spirit check out the Old Well Walk for a chance to get up close to UNC players and coaches. 

    9. Northwestern University

    Northwestern is a very scenic campus in the fall, just minutes from Lake Michigan you feel the mellow breeze coming off the water that describes the atmosphere perfectly.  The fans are very laid back and come out to have fun and watch football. You’ll find the student crowd playing some drinking games in the parking lot. There is a very local feel to the tailgates that makes it easy to bring the family. If you feel like setting up your site, the best place to do so is off of Sheridan Road.  This is one of the many free spots to tailgate for fans before kickoff.

    10. University of Kansas

    Located just south of Memorial Stadium, Campanile Hill is where a vast majority of tailgating at Kansas University takes place. The motto around KU seems to be “win or lose we booze” so Lawrence on game days is alive with fans, partying, and having fun. The cool thing about tailgating at Kansas is that from Campanile Hill you can see the inside of Memorial Stadium. This can come in handy if you’re sitting in the student section and want to get a good seat as you can watch the stands fill up while enjoying tailgating. It also means tailgating doesn’t have to end when the game starts as you can continue to tailgate without missing any of the action.

    11. University of Arkansas

    The University of Arkansas offers a couple of different options regarding tailgating that allows for a great game day experience. Fans can tailgate in the surrounding lots of the stadium but the earlier you get there, the better off you’ll be as it fills up fast. Arkansas tailgaters like to have fun but are also a bit more relaxed in their pregame rituals than you’ll find at some other rowdier schools. One of the best places to tailgate at Arkansas is The Gardens. This grassy area is filled with tents, grills, and massive tailgate vehicles as far as the eye can see. Located on the east side of Razorback Road, the space here will allow you set up a great tailgate and take part in all the best sights and sounds an Arkansas tailgate has to offer.

    12. Stanford University

    Stanford is one of the most beautiful tailgate destinations in all of college football. Here you’ll find tree-lined groves along with manicured laws that make you feel like you’ve died and gone to tailgate heaven. At Stanford, you’ll also find a wide variety of tailgates, which is fantastic for fans. There are plenty of family-friendly pregame activities abound for those of you who want to bring the kids along. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find places to get a bit wilder if that’s what you’re looking for.

    13. Mississippi State

    With their recent success on the field, the Mississippi State University Bulldogs are drawing more of a crowd than ever before at Davis Wade Stadium. Students and fans anxiously await the playing of “Hail State” at promptly 4 pm the day before kickoff, signifying the earliest time tailgates can be set up. Cowbells in hand, students have a unique tradition of using these musical instruments to ring on game day. Fans prove to be one of the loudest fan bases in all of college football. Tailgating can be as much a part of game day as the game itself..

    14. Wake Forest

    Tailgating at Wake Forest primarily takes place in the parking lots surrounding the sports complex that is located just east of campus. The fans here are not shy about who they support and love to display the black and gold of Wake Forest. The fans also provide plenty of tailgate games and pre-game entertainment, such as cornhole, creating a fun and lively tailgating environment. In addition to pre-game entertainment, Wake Forest tailgates offer a bevy of food based in North Carolina tradition, which helps create a unique North Carolina style tailgate. Here you’ll find plenty of barbecue as well as spicy foods to fill up on, including stuffed hot peppers and hot wings.

    15. Arizona State

    Arizona State is known for being one of the biggest party schools in the country, and this reputation is backed up by the wild and rowdy tailgating atmosphere found on an ASU game day. While competitive drinking games are outlawed, you’ll still see many fans engaging in traditional tailgating games such as cornhole. The only difference is now everyone just makes sure to get nice and drunk before the games begin rather than engaging in games as a way to get drunk. Grab a six pack, put on your maroon and gold, and head on down to Sun Devil Stadium for one of the craziest and drunkest tailgates in all of America. 

    16. Boise State

    Here at Boise State, you’ll find everything you’re looking for in a tailgate experience from tricked out tailgate vehicles to lavish spreads to a team walk they’ve got it all. Tailgating at Boise State takes place in the parking lots around the stadium, and you’ll see a sea of orange and blue tents as you approach Albertsons Stadium. The fans get here early to tailgate with the lots opening up eight hours before kickoff on game day..

    17. Appalachian State

    Appalachian State’s rural location means that a Mountaineers football game is the hottest party in town. Students here start tailgating at the crack of dawn, which features a delicious spread of beer and food. One way that the Appalachian State tailgate differs from many other colleges is that there is not a lot of Greek life. This, however, doesn’t mean that there aren’t a lot of great parties to join in on. The tailgate lots here feature a plethora of delectable foods including fried turkey, fried fish, ribs, pulled pork sandwiches, and cornbread. Make sure to come with an appetite as the food here is sure to leave you feeling full.

    18. Texas A&M

    You’ll find one of the best tailgating experiences around when you travel to Texas A&M. The strong sense of community among Aggies students, fans, and alumni will make you want to come back for another visit as soon as possible. Come prepared to party from midnight until game time when visiting Texas A&M, and we mean that literally. The Midnight Yell kicks everything off when thousands of Aggies come out and parade from the Quadrangle to Kyle Field. This tradition will without a doubt get you pumped up for the game and is a must see for anyone making the trip to College Station! Proper tailgating at Texas A&M begins at 7:00 am, so make sure to get up early. At Texas A&M you’ll find a one of a kind pregame experience that will rival any of those found throughout the SEC.

    19. University of Nebraska

    The area outside the stadium is a literal sea of red as the entire city of Lincoln wears red on game day; the fans/student section is even nicknamed “The Sea of Red.”  As one of only eleven football programs in NCAA Division I history to win 800 or more games, Cornhusker nation has a lot to celebrate on game days. Nebraska has an impressive history regarding a successful football team and program, making the atmosphere on game days exciting, enthusiastic, and a whole lot of fun regardless of who they’re playing. Fans here come out in droves to support their Huskers, and you’ll find that game days in Lincoln are all day parties that everyone is welcome to.

    20. University of Texas at Austin

    There is arguably no better tailgating in the Big 12 than tailgating at the University of Texas. Austin comes alive on Saturdays, and the streets are filled with smokers, Shiner Bock, and thousands of fans celebrating one of Texas’ most beloved traditions. The tailgate parties in Austin are some of the largest and most extravagant you’ll find anywhere in the country. The fans go all out here to make sure they put on a great party for not only their friends and family but also for people who just join in. You’ll find a great selection of drinks here as well as some of the best barbecue you’ll ever have.

    21. University of Michigan

    University of Michigan fans take tailgating very seriously. Here you’ll find a very traditional tailgate atmosphere that featuring tents, grills, drinks, and tailgate games. On game days you’ll see lots of very intricate setups hours before kickoff as  students, alumni, and even kids come together on game day to celebrate a Wolverines game day. When you set up for your tailgate make sure to grab some of the local Ann Arbor brews as the state of Michigan has become rich with micro and craft breweries.

    22. Michigan State

    The atmosphere at Michigan State on game day is one of the best in the Big Ten. Here you’ll find an exciting, festive, and celebratory atmosphere that is sure to leave you wanting to come back for more. Spartan fans are a lively bunch and their tailgates, and energy levels, on game day speak to that notion. They also offer a family-friendly, alcohol-free tailgating zone at Munn Field for those with families or who want a calmer tailgating experience. One of the more unique aspects of tailgating at Michigan State is the fact that Spartans fans have their own brand of beer pong known as Spartan Beer Pong. Rather than just throwing the balls through the air and trying to sink them in the cup like regulation beer pong, you have to use actual ping pong rules.

    23. Purdue

    Every time you walk in or around the Ross-Ade Stadium, it is no doubt that you will always get that unmistakable vibe of that only the Purdue Boilermakers can make you feel. One of the activities to take note is the Boilermaker street fest. This is where fans can go and play with their friends and families with other fans through fun and games and also have the chance to meet the team which is one of the activities that fans never want to miss as this activity is vital to being a real fan. Another significant event or tradition that fans look out for is the Boiler Bridge Walk. This where the fans cheer their hearts out as they watch the Boilermakers team walk from the Purdue Memorial Union to the stadium.

    24. Oregon University

    Oregon’s recent success means that the fans show up early and in substantial numbers to tailgate here in Eugene. You’ll see plenty of people coming over four hours before kickoff to get the best spot and get their pre-game parties started early. The Ducks have sold out the last 100+ games, and it shows when attending an Oregon tailgate as you’ll find the parking lots packed to the brim with fans drinking and eating some of the most delicious food and beer you’ll find in the Pacific Northwest. The love for the Ducks bonds everyone together at Oregon games creating a great feeling of community.

    25. Army

    The Army campus in West Point, New York is absolutely gorgeous and provides a great place to tailgate. The tailgates here are mainly located in the parking lots located throughout West Point. At the tailgates, you’ll find a lot of food and drinks as people here put out a large spread before cheering on the Black Knights. One noticeable thing about an Army tailgate is that the fact Army is a military service academy, which means there is an even stronger communal feel than at other college football tailgates.

    26. West Virginia University

    West Virginia doesn’t have any professional sports franchises, so the fan base for the West Virginia Mountaineers is huge and shows a lot of pride and support for the Mountaineers. As a result, you’ll find people from all over West Virginia at a Mountaineers game. West Virginia fans like to go hard when it comes to  tailgating, which can especially be seen in The Pit where the wilder fans like to hang out before games. Make sure to put on your best blue and gold before the game to fit in with your fellow Mountaineers fans. During the Mantrip the Mountaineer players and coaching staff walk along the pathway dividing the parking lot outside of Mountaineer Field. They are accompanied by The Mountaineer, the Pride of West Virginia Marching Band, and the Mountaineer cheerleaders. WVU students and fans line the path to creating a tunnel-like effect for the passing team members, providing for an interactive and enthusiastic environment.

    27. Notre Dame

    Notre Dame is home to arguably the best tailgate & atmosphere in the Midwest, if not the world.  South Bend may be a small town, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t put on quite the pregame party.The town lives and breathes Notre Dame football, and you’d struggle to find a more passionate fan base anywhere.. Fans at Notre Dame tend to provide the traditional tailgate fare as hot dogs, burgers, and brats are among the most popular food items here.Grab some brews and some sausage before watching the Fighting Irish take down the opposition.

    28. University of Utah

    Grab a drink and fire up the grill as you’ll surely have a great time tailgating before a Utes game. For what they may lack in wild drunken escapades, Utes fans make up for it in passion. Utes fans are incredibly passionate in the stadium, so it should be no surprise that the same passion carries over to their tailgates. The tailgates here often start the night before as people camp out to tailgate meaning that if you want to get the most out of your tailgating experience forget about getting to the game five or even six hours early since you can get there eight or even ten hours early. 

    29. University of Florida

    Gator fans have been known to be the loudest and most spirited fans in all of college football. The warm temperatures, palm tree lined streets, SEC football and thousands of fans wearing blue and orange make game days in Gainesville some of the best in all of college football. Florida’s “Tailgators” love to tailgate and party before heading into the stadium and cheering on their Gators for 60 hard fought minutes. One of the most well-known tailgate groups in Gainesville is Sanford and Sons. These diehard tailgaters are famous for their themed tailgates, which match the type of food they’re serving with the opponent. You’ll have a great time tailgating with diehard fans like these as their attention to detail and game day traditions make tailgating at The Swamp festive. Another great pregame tradition at Florida is the Gator Walk right before the game. All fans huddle around the tunnel through which the team will enter and anxiously wait for their Gators. .

    30. SDSU

    Tailgating at San Diego State is a great way to bring back alumni, as fans from far and wide come to SDCCU Stadium to cheer on their Aztecs. You’ll have a great time reconnecting with old friends who you haven’t seen in awhile at an Aztecs football game. San Diego State traditionally plays games at night, which means there is plenty of time to tailgate beforehand all through the day. The fans usually get here bright and early to make a day out of it, so set out early if you want to get the most out of your visit to San Diego. San Diego State provides a great tailgate destination for visiting fans as well. San Diego’s excellent weather means fans from all over like to come to San Diego during the latter part of the season. 

    31. Texas Tech

    When you see fellow Red Raiders fans make sure to put up your guns to let everyone know who you root for.  Don’t forget to check out the Raider Walk to get the most out of your tailgating experience. The Raider Walk tradition started during the 2010 season and gives fans the opportunity to greet the Red Raiders two hours and fifteen minutes before kickoff. The team and coaching staff are dropped off at the intersection of Canton Avenue and Drive of Champions before making their way to the stadium. If you’re looking to set up your own tailgate, then the lots around the stadium are a great place to be, however, if you aren’t up for all that goes into creating a tailgate party then Raider Alley is a great alternative. At Raider Alley, you’ll find a ton of food and drink options that will surely leave you satisfied in your pregame experience.

    32. Penn State

    The grass lots around Beaver Stadium allow for miles of tailgating. The town, University Park, draws over 200,000 people to the game, creating a huge community of college football fans. The entire state flocks to State College on Saturdays, except for the areas around Pitt. If you’re looking for some live music to kick your day off, look no further than the band practice each gameday morning. The marching band holds a rehearsal session 3-4 hours before kickoff where it marches from the band building to the Bryce Jordan Center. The cheerleaders, dance team and Penn State celebrities often attend this performance. The best time of year to visit Penn State is big rivalry games against teams like Notre Dame, Ohio State, Michigan State and Pittsburgh for the in-state rivalry game. 

    33. Florida State

    Downtown Getdown is one of the best parts of a Seminoles home game as each Friday night before the game downtown begins to rock in anticipation. Seminoles fans love to throw back a few beers and have a wild and fun time on game days. The pregame party here starts on Friday night and lasts all through the weekend with fans drinking and carousing long into the night on game days. Come prepared to party hard and get wild when attending a Florida State game since you wouldn’t want to miss out on any of the game day fun.

    34. Auburn University

    Tailgating and the pre-game celebration at Auburn University is a big part of game days for fans of the orange and blue. The tailgating scene is a little spread out, but that doesn’t stop thousands of fans coming to Auburn. In fact, so many fans will come out to celebrate their love for the Tigers that Auburn becomes Alabama’s fifth-largest city on game days and has sold over 75,000 season tickets in the past eighteen years. There are multiple spots to tailgate before Auburn Tigers games and the town itself almost feels like a giant tailgate as the town is centered around the University and the Tigers. One of the great pregame traditions you’ll be able to take part in at Auburn is the Tiger Walk. The tradition dates back to the 1950s and is a way for fans to interact with and support their Auburn Tigers. Finally, if you really want to get the full Auburn experience make sure to stop by Toomer’s Drug Store and grab a refreshing glass of lemonade.

    35. Virginia Tech

    There is  lots of pride and passion on display whenever the Hokies play as Hokies fans are very loyal to their team. Everywhere you look at a Virginia Tech tailgate, you’ll see fans adorn in the traditional colors of maroon and orange. Often there will be a Maroon Effect or Orange Effect going on for the game, so make sure to wear the right color so you’ll fit in at the tailgate. A Virginia Tech tailgate has a lot to offer as people come from far and wide to root on their Hokies to victory. Here you’ll find a wide variety of both breakfast and lunch/dinner foods that are sure to leave you feeling full. You can start off the tailgate with a breakfast consisting of pancakes and biscuits before later filling up on some Hokie fan favorites like sweet potato fries, bacon wrapped corn and pulled pork sandwiches.

    36. University of Georgia

    With a stadium that can seat over 90,000 fans, it only makes sense that the atmosphere on game day in Athens, Georgia is equally lively as it is loud and full of pride. Students and fans will gather together to celebrate their mutual love for the Bulldogs with multiple tailgating options. Anything from a bloody mary bar to potluck-style meals, Athens has it all! The premier tailgating spots are booked up by donors and lifetime season ticket holders, but there are plenty of other options available to UGA fans and students. The whole town becomes a massive party-like atmosphere as football in the South, especially in Georgia where they have experienced a recent rise in success, is a huge part of the culture.

    37. Washington

    Sitting on the shores of Lake Washington with the Cascade and Olympic mountains in plain view, Husky Stadium provides one of the greatest scenic sporting venues in college football. There are many ways for you to reach Husky Stadium as it is accessible by yacht, seaplane, canoe, car, and bike. Husky Harbor in Union Bay is just steps away from the stadium making sailgating one of the premier tailgate spots at a Huskies game. If you are coming from out of town and don’t have a boat of your own never fear as there are $8 shuttle rides that’ll take you out to the part and back to shore. Don’t worry though if you get a bit seasick as there is plenty of great tailgating to be had on land. In the parking lots around Husky Stadium, you’ll find plenty of your traditional tailgate sights including RVs, tents, and grills. Set up your tailgate, and you’ll make friends quickly as people love to share and show off their tailgate recipes. There are also plenty of bars and restaurants nearby for those who are looking for a quick bite to eat before the game but don’t feel like committing to putting on a full tailgate party. No matter where you like to party before a Huskies game, you’ll have a great time as Washington provides some of the best tailgating options out there.

    38. Wisconsin

    The second you step onto campus on game day in Madison, you can feel the energy and excitement in the air. We’ve yet to find a place where the fans wear so much game day swag, namely the GameDay Bibs, Throwback Wisconsin Gear, Guys wearing badgers, Cheeseheads, kids with jerseys of the current stars, and the occasional painted Red Guy running around campus. Traditionally, the older alumni and families stay around the stadium, but students will either be near the Frat Row, at apartment parties, or at the neighborhoods next to the stadium.  Each area will have its vibe, but the constant is that all college aged Badger fans will be slamming brewski’s and taking pulls off their favorite hard liquor from plastic bottles in copious amounts. However, one thing that is different from Wisconsin than other large party schools is the small amount of traditional tailgating.  There’s limited parking near the stadium (since the school shares Madison with the Capitol) so most fans tend to park & then go to one of the popular places on campus or bars near the stadium.  Either way, about 30 minutes before kickoff, 95% of fans will still be outside of the stadium, getting their last bites or drinks.  Be sure to wear Red, join the ‘Sea of Red”, grab a brat & join the hurried march to the stadium!

    39. University of Southern California

    Tailgating at USC is a great experience you’ve got the beautiful Southern California weather, raucously drunk students looking to cheer on their school, die-hard fans that live throughout the city and congregate to watch the Trojans, and even the casual fans that want to catch a game at the legendary LA Coliseum. All you have to do to join in on the fun is deck yourself out in cardinal and gold and you’ll fit right in. As long as you’re in cardinal and gold, everyone will be super friendly as being a Trojan fans bands everyone at the tailgate together, however, if you are wearing opposition colors be a bit more careful as you will most likely experience some heckling. The student tailgates at USC are raucous, as everyone gets up bright and early to cheer on the Trojans. Throughout campus, you’ll hear loud music and smell the delicious aromas of food being prepared. The quad is packed, and everyone is ready to put in their best effort toward propelling the Trojans to victory. Tailgating at USC is a great way to spend the morning before kicking some flagpoles and make your way to the Coliseum to cheer on the Trojans.

    40. University of Oklahoma

    Football is huge in Norman Oklahoma as the Sooners are one of the most successful teams in college football having claimed seven national championships since 1950. Likewise, tailgating is huge in Norman making a Sooners tailgate the place to be on game day. You’ll find that tailgating is a huge deal to Sooners fans as they get things kicked off at noon on the day before games. You’ll need to get to the lots early if you want to get a good spot, so don’t dawdle, or you’ll miss out. The lots around Gaylord Family Oklahoma Memorial Stadium are packed with tents, grills, and coolers on game day. All you’ll see is a sea of crimson and red tents as you make your way through the tailgates here. You’ll also smell the delicious aromas of some of the best barbecue in the nation as well as many other tailgate favorites including burgers, chicken, and much more. Campus Corner also offers a nice change of pace for those of you looking for something a bit different from the traditional tailgate set up. Here you’ll find plenty of bars and restaurants that will surely wet your whistle or feed your appetite. The great thing about Campus Corner is that unlike some places where going to the bars takes you away from the game day traditions here in Norman the band marches right through Campus Corner, so you won’t miss a beat.

    41. Clemson

    Tigers fans have earned the honor of being named the South’s best tailgate by Southern Living. If you’re in Clemson for a game make sure to get to the game early as the tailgates here are a fantastic experience that you won’t want to miss. The food at Clemson is second to none as you’ll see a wide variety of food ranging from KFC to entire pig roasts. The fans here are very friendly and observe Southern hospitality making a Clemson tailgate one big party where everyone is welcome. Bring some beers and some barbeque and you’ll make friends quickly. It’s not just the food and fans that makes tailgating at Clemson such a treat for diehard football fans. You’ll find there is a ton of Clemson pride and passion on display when tailgating here as well. Upon arrival you’ll be greeted by a sea of orange and purple, as everyone shows up decked out head to toe in Clemson gear.

    42. University of Alabama

    Tailgating at the University of Alabama has become an integral and crucial part of the game day and the culture of Crimson Tide fans. The Bama fan base is insanely loyal to their team, so much so that there is a five-year waiting list for season tickets. This extreme loyalty means Bama fans celebrate and party all around the stadium on game day, so you’ll have no problem finding a fun tailgate party to join. Alabama fans are also some of the most knowledgeable and dedicated football fans in the country, which means you’ll have a great time talking football with fellow fans while tailgating. You’ll have a blast hanging out and partying with fellow Bama fans here in Tuscaloosa. Alabama has a ton to offer regarding tailgating locations. The tailgating scene at Alabama offers you anything from bars along The Strip to the rowdy  Quad, and of course family friendly tailgating as well.

    43. TCU

    Since joining the Big 12 conference, tailgating at Amon G. Carter Stadium has really come alive, and the Horned Frogs fans have brought tailgating to a whole new level. At TCU you can build your patios in specific tailgate lots, giving you a more home-like feel even though you’re at the stadium. The advent of Frog Alley allows you the chance to interact with the players making the atmosphere even more exciting and vibrant with purple pride than ever before. TCU offers Texas tailgating at its finest including everything you’d expect ten-gallon hats and all. At TCU you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in a Texas style tailgate as not only will fans be wearing cowboy hats and boots, but there will be plenty of Texas barbecue. You’ll have a great time regardless of where you end up tailgating at TCU as there is something here for everyone.

    44. Ohio State

    Ohio State starts off their festivities two hours before kickoff at St. John Arena, where the OSU Marching Band holds a concert and pep rally. The event is free and draws over 10,000 fans.  If you don’t feel like listening to a marching band try out the River Jam.  Local radio station WNCI 97.9 holds a huge tailgate party on Lane Avenue with live music and entertainment, as well as food and drinks and the event is free. IIt’s truly amazing how the town is bleeding scarlet and gray from the rooftops to the curbs. There are a number of bars that have game day specials and the parking lots always present a great spot for you to park set up the grills and throw the beers in the cooler before you head into the Horseshoe to see one of the biggest powerhouses in collegiate athletics. The best game to go to is without a doubt is the Michigan game. This is one of the oldest rivalries in sports, and there is a great amount of trash talking, state hating, and program hating in this rivalry.

    45. University of Iowa

    Iowa City is party central, and there is no denying it, the fans simply won’t let you deny it.  They come out with more cases of beer than you can fathom and finish each one before game time.  Iowa fans can flat out drink, and the parking lots can’t even contain it.  Melrose Street is the best place for the younger crowd and even if you’re not looking to take five years off of your liver, it’s a great place to people watch. The local favorite for a pre-game snack is without a doubt the giant Turkey leg, so make sure to grab one during your visit to Iowa City. Another great spot to check out is the Magic Bus.  The Magic Bus is referred to as the number one tailgating spot at Kinnick. If you’re looking for a more family-friendly option then stop by the Hawkeye Band pregame concert. The band strikes up a pregame concert at the Recreation Building an hour and a half before the game. The concert is a great way to warm yourself up before the game both mentally and physically, so make sure to check it when attending a Hawkeyes games. 

    46. University of Tennessee

    Tennessee provides one of the most unique game day experiences filled with spirited chants, boats, great food, excellent company, and a whole lot of whiskey. One of Tennessee’s coolest traditions is the Vol Navy, which is located along the Tennessee River. It is one of the greatest tailgate spots in all of college football and something every college football fan should experience at least once. Here you’ll find about 200 boats posted up along the river decked out orange and white.Another favorite tradition in Knoxville is the Salute to the Hill. Before every home game, Tennessee’s Pride of the Southland Marching Band marches to the stadium, playing “Rocky Top” on their way. One of the greatest features of the March is the ability to hear each section playing its unique part as it passes by. The best part of the march is the band’s “Salute to the Hill.” As the band nears the stadium, it stops at “The Hill,” the oldest section of the campus which the university “grew around”. You’ll also want to check out the Vol Walk, which is one of the latest and most well-loved Tennessee pregame traditions. 

    47. North Dakota State

    North Dakota State isn’t just home to one of the best tailgating experiences in the FCS it’s home to one of the best tailgating experiences in college football. The city of Fargo lives and dies with the Bison and everywhere you look around town on game days you’ll find fans decked out in green and gold ready to cheer on their team. Fans from all over the Dakotas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Manitoba, and even further away come out to cheer on the Bison creating a fun and festive tailgating experience that any college football fan would enjoy. In addition to Fargo being home to some of the most diehard fans and tailgaters out there, it’s also home to some of the friendliest tailgaters as well. Bisons fans are very welcoming to opposing teams, so don’t worry about showing your colors when tailgating outside the Fargodome. In fact, the NDSU fans are so friendly that if they see you wearing opposing teams gear, they’ll likely invite you for a few drinks to learn more about you and your team. Finally, no trip to an NDSU game is complete without enjoying some deer sausage or a bison burger. Bring something to share, and you’ll likely have the opportunity to enjoy some North Dakota delicacies as for the most part everyone in Fargo is happy to share their tailgating wares. The tailgating scene at NDSU is among the best around, so make sure to arrive early and enjoy a Bison game day to its fullest by tailgating before the game.

    48. University of Mississippi

    Tailgating is a huge part of what makes Ole Miss a special place to be on game days. Unlike most schools where tailgating is scattered all around campus, at Ole Miss everyone comes out to tailgate in one centralized location called The Grove. The Grove consists of 10 acres of land, but it still doesn’t fail to fill up entirely on game day. Here you’ll find a sea of tents with over 60,000 people grilling, drinking, and having a good time as they celebrate a Rebels game day. At The Grove, you’ll find tents equipped with fountains and chandeliers, which adds a touch of class to an activity that is often not seen as being high class. You’ll also find that The Grove has strict rules that also help create the superb atmosphere of The Grove, such as all drinks must be in blue or red cups rather than beer cans or bottles. Another beauty about Ole Miss is their southern hospitality! The Rebels will welcome anybody with an open hand; you will feel right at home. Lastly, The Grove is great because here at Ole Miss the players walk right through the heart of The Grove on their way to the stadium. The players walk down The Walk of Champions right to Vaught-Hemingway Stadium giving fans the chance to cheer them on before they take the field At Ole Miss they say, “Ole Miss never loses a party” and you’ll certainly feel like a winner when attending a tailgate party at the Grove.

    49. South Carolina University

    Tailgating at a South Carolina State game is all about the Game Zone. The Game Zone is a fenced in area around the stadium where you can find all of the biggest Bulldogs fans and tailgates on game days. Bulldogs fans come out in large numbers to tailgate on game days creating a fun and festive game day experience. People from all over the state head to Orangeburg in the fall and everywhere you look you’ll see people dressed head to toe in garnet and blue. Being that this is the south, you’ll find a lot of delicious barbecue at a South Carolina State tailgate. The barbecue here can go head to head with what you’ll find at larger in-state schools like South Carolina and Clemson, so join a large tailgate or bring something to share to take part in the fun. Finally, the best time of the year to come out to Orangeburg is during homecoming. The homecoming festivities are a lot of fun for Bulldogs students, alumni, and fans making it a special time to see a game at Oliver C. Dawson Stadium. You’ll have a great time tailgating before a Bulldogs game, so reserve your spot in the Game Zone and join in the fun.

    50. LSU

    When it comes to tailgating at Louisiana State University, the first things to come to mind are food, family/tradition, and a whole lot of fun. Many people who tailgate at LSU have been doing so for many years and in some cases, for multiple generations. Because of this, the tailgating scene often feels like a massive family reunion. It is definitely in your best interest to come to an LSU tailgate hungry and ready to party. Louisiana State University has been consistently ranked as one of the top tailgating locations in the United States. With accolades such as “The Top Tailgating Destination in America” and “The Best Tradition in College Football”, it’s no wonder that the tailgating scene regularly draws in over 90,000 fans to Tiger Stadium. One of the must-see pregame events at LSU is the team walk from Victory Hill. Thousands of fans will line up to greet and cheer on their team, firing them up for a great day of football inside Death Valley. Another great LSU tailgating tradition is the LSU Salutes Tailgate.