1. The Graveyard - Clemson

    The Graveyard is the special way that Clemson commemorates road victories over ranked opponents.  Whenever the Tigers beat a ranked opponent on the road, they add a tombstone to the victory graveyard, which is located at the entrance to the team’s practice facility. If you get to the game, early make sure to check this one of a kind monument out.

    2. Green Monster - Boston Red Sox

    One of the most notable features of Fenway Park is the massive green wall in the left field. Standing at thirty-seven feet and two inches high, the Green Monster has become a staple in Fenway and many right-handed hitters try to hit over it.

    3. The Colonnades - Chicago Bears

    The Colonnades are the most distinctive feature of Soldier Field and a must see when attending a Chicago Bears game. They also offer you a magnificent view of the city of Chicago and Lake Michigan. Along the south end of the upper promenade fans can view the Medal of Honor display, which features recipients of the highest award for valor in action. No trip to Soldier Field is complete without snapping a pic with these iconic columns, so make sure you get the chance to visit them before watching the Bears take down the opposition.

    4. The Blue - Boise State

    Albertsons Stadium is home to the only blue AstroTurf in the world. Boise State started this tradition in 1986, and it has been a staple in their team’s history. Since then they have made a rule that no NFL team may use a surface color other than green and named it the Boise rule. So as you take in a game here, try and think about how it might be one of the only times you get to watch football played on an all blue field.

    5. Touchdown Jesus - Notre Dame

    One of the most famous features of Notre Dame Stadium is “Touchdown Jesus.” This mural on the Hesburgh Library entitled The World of Life overlooks the stadium from the north. The mural gets its nickname from the fact that it features Jesus with his arms raised in a position similar to the arms of a referee when a touchdown is signaled.

    6. Pirate Ship - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    A unique aspect of Raymond James Stadium is the 103-foot, 43-ton steel and concrete replica pirate ship. No other stadium in all of sports has one, so make sure to stop by and take a picture when attending a Bucs game.

    7. Center Field Shower and Rain Rooms - Chicago White Sox

    If you ever get too hot at a White Sox game don’t worry! The park has a shower in centerfield near section 160 and two rain rooms near sections 107 and 537.

    8. Monument Park - New York Yankees

    Behind the center field wall is Monument Park, a tribute to some of the greatest in Yankee history. Come check out Yankee legends immortalized in bronze statues in this beautiful park.

    9. Retractable Playing Field - Arizona Cardinals

    University of Phoenix Stadium features the first fully retractable natural grass playing field in North America. If you get a chance to see the field move, it’s a cool sight to see and also is one of the unique aspects of the stadium.

    10. McCovey Cove - San Francisco Giants

    Named after Giants first baseman Willie McCovey, McCovey Cove is one of the most unique and best features of AT&T Park. McCovey Cove is a section of the San Francisco Bay and as of September 25, 2014, 68 “splash hits” have been knocked into the Cove by Giants players (35 belonging to the legendary Barry Bonds). Each hit is tallied on an electronic counter on the right field wall. Because of the pier behind center field, ferries, boats, and kayaks are often tied up and dropping off fans to the park. You’ll also see fans taking to the waters with big fishing nets in hopes of collecting a home run ball.

    11. Mike the Tiger Habitat - LSU

    Situated between Tiger Stadium and the Pete Maravich Assembly Center is the home of Mike the Tiger, the official mascot of Louisiana State University. Mike’s habitat consists of a variety of plants, a waterfall, a flowing stream that empties into a wading pond, and rocky plateaus. The habitat also serves as a research and conservation center that offers educational and recreational activities.

    12. Sod Cemetery - Florida State

    The Sod Cemetery located next to the practice field gives fans a look into the history of Florida State football. Here you’ll find patches of sod from all the biggest Seminole victories throughout their history.

    13. Home Run Apple - New York Mets

    Be sure to check out one of the iconic landmarks from the former Mets field Shea Stadium, the Home Run Apple. Standing 16.5 feet tall and 18 feet in diameter, this large apple is a piece of Mets history that is a must see.

    14. Carousel and Ferris Wheel - Detroit Tigers

    In the northwestern corner of Comerica Park, fans can ride a carousel with tigers rather than horses. In the northeastern corner of the park, there is a Ferris wheel with twelve cars designed like baseballs. Give yourself some time to check these out before or during the game.

    15. Buckeye Grove - Ohio State

    Buckeye Grove located on the Southwest end of the stadium next to Morrill Tower honors all the first team All-Americans in the history of the program. Each time a Buckeye earns first team All-American honors a tree is planted for him in the grove, so stop by and check out this tribute to all the greatest players in Buckeyes history.

    16. Ivy - Chicago Cubs

    All over the outfield walls is the famous Wrigley Field Ivy. As the only ballpark to have the ivy, Wrigley’s outfield is one of the prettiest in all of baseball. The Ivy starts out as only vines but blooms into the green ivy that grows thick and green.

    17. Steam Whistle - Georgia Tech

    Georgia Tech has a steam whistle on campus, which they play whenever the Yellow Jackets score and after every victory. Keep your ears peeled for the steam whistle if you’re around campus on game day.

    18. Hokie Stone - Virginia Tech

    As the team runs out onto the field, each player slaps a slab of Hokie Stone for good luck. Hokie Stone is an important part of Virginia Tech University as many university buildings including Lane Stadium are made of this building material. On and off the field Hokie Stone is a unifying feature of Virginia Tech.

    19. The Rocket - Toledo

    The most unique feature of the Glass Bowl, or perhaps any stadium in college football, is the Nike-Ajax Rocket located in front of the stadium. The one-ton rocket has been located outside the stadium since 1961 and is complete with fins and a rocket engine that could propel the missile to supersonic speeds. Another little-known fact about the rocket is that it’s aimed at the 50-yard line of rival Bowling Green’s Doyt Perry Stadium. When attending a game at the Glass Bowl make sure to check out the rocket as it is a must see for anyone in attendance.

    20. UGA Mausoleum - Georgia

    The mascot of the Georgia Bulldogs is an actual bulldog and is much more than just a mascot of the University of Georgia fans. Due to this strong bond between the fans and the mascot, a mausoleum was built inside the stadium to honor their beloved mascots of the past who have unfortunately passed away.

    21. Outfield Extravaganza/California Spectacular - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

    Beyond the center field wall is the Outfield Extravaganza, also referred to as the California Spectacular. This signature piece of Angel Stadium was modeled and built after the California coastline. This beautiful area of the park includes a 90-foot-high geyser, fireworks, and pyrotechnics to celebrate great plays on the field. When the geysers erupt, water shoots out and cascades along the side of Pride Rock, a mountain filled with real trees from California. The fireworks are on display at the start of the game, after each Angel home run, and after every Angel victory.


    22. Hudson’s Warehouse - Detroit Lions

    Beyond the center field wall is the Outfield Extravaganza, also referred to as the California Spectacular. This signature piece of Angel Stadium was modeled and built after the California coastline. This beautiful area of the park includes a 90-foot-high geyser, fireworks, and pyrotechnics to celebrate great plays on the field. When the geysers erupt, water shoots out and cascades along the side of Pride Rock, a mountain filled with real trees from California. The fireworks are on display at the start of the game, after each Angel home run, and after every Angel victory.

    23. The Admiral - Vanderbilt

    This naval horn signifies game time and is played after every Commodore score. You can hear the Admiral all throughout campus on game days allowing even those not attending the game to know when the Commodores score.

    24. The Beach - San Diego Padres

    The beach in right centerfield is one of the most unique features you’ll find at a Major League ballpark and is a must see for anyone coming to San Diego for a game. Kick off your shoes and enjoy the sand of the beach at Petco Park.

    25. Center Field Hotel - Toronto Blue Jays

    The hotel in center field at the Skydome is somewhere every baseball fan would want to stay whether it’s baseball season or not. It has 70 rooms facing the playing field, so book your stay now.  

    26. Tightwad Hill - Cal

    One of the most unique aspects of attending a Golden Bears football game is Tightwad Hill. Tightwad Hill, or Charter Hill as it’s official known, allows you the opportunity to view the game for free. It’s a great spot to go if you can’t get tickets and even if you can check it out as it’s one of the most unique spots in all of college football.

    27. Water Spectacular - Kansas City Royals

    The City of Fountains lives up to its name inside Kauffman Stadium with a massive 322-foot-long  fountain structure that dances and sprays water up to twelve stories high.

    28. Aquariums - Miami Marlins

    Behind home plate at Marlins Stadium are two aquariums. The aquariums are encased in bulletproof glass to protect the exotic fish inside of them and are a must see for anyone visiting the park.

    29. Olympic Cauldron - USC

    Also known as the Olympic Torch, it was built for the Coliseum when it hosted the Olympics in 1932 and 1984. It still stands today and is lit during the fourth quarter of USC football games and other special occasions.

    30. Legacy Ship - Minnesota Vikings

    The 160 ft Viking inspired sculpture, located at the Medtronics Plaza, is a must see. The ship includes a timeline of historical moments in Vikings history and also features the stadium marquee, which is cleverly incorporated into the ship’s sail.


    31. Poolside Cabanas - Jacksonville Jaguars

    Like a few other stadiums located in warm climates, you’ll find a pool at Everbank Stadium. Hop in for a dip for one of the unique NFL viewing experiences that you’ll find anywhere throughout the country.

    32. Pinwheels - Chicago White Sox

    The scoreboard at both the original and new Comiskey Park has been adorned with pinwheels since 1960. Bill Veeck installed the pinwheels as part of Comiskey Park’s original exploding scoreboard and today are one of the defining features of the Sox new park that opened in 1991.

    33. Paul Brown Stadium Signature Massive Escalator - Cincinnati Bengals

    The giant escalator that transports fans to the upper deck is massive making it a one of a kind structure unique to Paul Brown Stadium.

    34. Olympic Cauldron - Utah

    Not many stadiums can boast that they held the opening and closing ceremonies for the Olympic games, and RES still has the cauldron to prove it. The large, spiraling structure is at the sound end of the stadium and is a unique feature to view up close.

    35. CenturyLink Field Artwork - Seattle Seahawks

    CenturyLink Field has a wide variety of artwork all around the facility including pieces by Bob Haozous, Cheryl dos Remédios, James Lavadour, Juan Alonso, and Peter Shelton. Perhaps the most well-known piece of artwork at CenturyLink Field is Bob Haozous’s piece on the North Tower, which features four colorful discs. Make sure to check out all the excellent artwork CenturyLink Field has to offer when attending your next Seahawks game.

    36. Catwalks - Tampa Bay Rays

    The catwalks at Tropicana Field are not a particularly great feature of the stadium but are certainly a unique one. They are in play, and as a result, they have lead to the Rays developing some interesting ground rules regarding them.

    37. Campanile Hill - Kansas

    Memorial Stadium was built with Campanile Hill overlooking it to the south. The hill was the reason the south end zone was left uncovered by seats and is a popular location for tailgaters. Make the trek up Campanile Hill to get an excellent view of Memorial Stadium.

    38. Train in Left Field - Houston Astros

    The train at Minute Maid Park is one of the most unique aspects of any Major League ballpark and runs back and forth after every Astros home run.

    39. B&O Warehouse - Baltimore Orioles

    The B&O Warehouse at Orioles Park gives the park a distinct look and is excellently worked into the stadium’s architecture. Since Oriole Park opened in 1992, the warehouse has only been hit once, which was done by Ken Griffey, Jr. during the 1993 Home Run Derby.

    40. Bobby Bowden Stained Glass - Florida State

    This three story stained-glass window overlooking the field depicts former coach Bobby Bowden among a sea of fans. It is one of the five largest stained-glass windows in all of the United States and a tribute to one of the greatest coaches in college football history.

    41. Giant Jumbotron - Dallas Cowboys

    The Jumbotron at AT&T Stadium is one of the largest in the world, and a must see for football fans. In fact, it’s so large that punters managed to hit it when punting on several occasions.

    42. Water Feature - Colorado Rockies

    The water feature has seven fountains which shoot water forty feet in the air before a home game, after a Rockies home run, during the seventh inning stretch, and if the Rockies win.

    43. Bernie’s Slide - Milwaukee Brewers

    After every Brewers home runs, Bernie Brewer slides down the big yellow slide in left field onto a large home plate. It’s a great way to celebrate a home run and something you can experience yourself before the game for a small fee.

    44. The Memorial Water Wall - Chicago Bears

    The 250-foot long granite wall features a continuous stream of water that flows over eight medallions and seals honoring the different branches of the armed services. The water wall is located on the north side of the stadium and provides fans with a dramatic entrance into Soldier Field.

    45. Lambeau Leap Statue - Green Bay Packers

    This popular Packers celebration was commemorated with a statue in 2014 giving fans the chance to experience the celebration for themselves. Stop by the statue so you can get a picture of yourself doing the famous touchdown celebration.

    46. The Hedges - Georgia Bulldogs

    Sanford Stadium’s hedges are one of the most iconic parts of any college football stadium in the country. The hedges have been a part of the stadium since 1929 and are so synonymous with the stadium that it has even been nicknamed “Between the Hedges.”

    47. Bucky - Denver Broncos

    Bucky is one of the most iconic features of Sports Authority Field at Mile High. This 27-foot tall 1,600-pound statue of a horse perched at the top of the stadium is a one of a kind landmark that you won’t find anywhere else.

    48. The Rock “M” - Missouri

    As soon as Faurot Field comes into view, the first thing fans and opponents alike will see, is the massive rock “M” that stands above the north end zone. The M was built by a group of freshman students in 1927 and has been an integral part of the stadium ever since. Nebraska and Kansas fans have tried to turn the M into an N or K but the groundskeepers and students are very protective of this historic landmark inside their stadium, and no one has succeeded in altering the M.

    49. Translucent Stadium Roof - Minnesota Vikings

    The translucent roof at U.S. Bank Stadium is the only one of its kind. The roof allows an incredible amount of light into U.S. Bank Stadium giving players and fans the feeling they’re outside while in a climate controlled dome.

    50. The Lighthouse - New England Patriots

    Gillette Stadium has a distinctly New England feel thanks to the lighthouse standing near the main entrance. The tower goes a long way in helping give Gillette Stadium a unique feel and is one of the more iconic stadium elements found in the NFL.